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The Poles and Pack Ice

The surface of the sea does not freeze easily. Salt can bring the freezing point as low as 14° F, and the wind and tides constantly break up the ice as it forms.

North and South Poles

The North Pole has no fixed position; it is a constantly moving spot on the The North Pole is much warmer than the South Pole, where temperatures frozen ocean in the range of-90° to-110° F are often recorded in winter.

Used as a drug to treat malaria, other illnesses involving Seattle Subway Map fever, and some forms of heart disease. Quinoa. 1 A plant native to the Andes Seattle Subway Map cultivated for its edible seeds. 2 The dried seeds of this plant, used as a high protein food staple and also ground into flour. Quitrent. Dating from the Middle Ages, a fee paid in money by a freeman in lieu of services to a landlord.

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