Thailand Guide for Tourist

Tips for the Immigration Process: Now that you’re on your plane on your way to Bangkok (or probably Phuket) you will receive an immigration card from your flight attendant that you should completely fill in while sitting in the plane.

Make sure to take a pen on the flight and fill everything in. Avoid the usual paper chaos especially during busy times in the immigration hall. If you don’t know an address or whatever, doesn’t matter write whatever you want (e.g. random Hotel name if you didn’t blog one in advance) but don’t leave it empty or the frustrating immigration officer might send you away resulting in queuing all over again

All visitors must fill in this Arrival Card and hand it over at Immigration in the Airport If you didn’t blog a return flight or further flight to another destination you might enter some random flight Number out of Thailand again. Remember: you’re officially not allowed to Enter Thailand without return flight ticket. So if you didn’t purchase one, pretend to have one (e-ticket Sir! Sorry Sir, no print out in case he asks ).

Another immigration stamp for your collection

Once you’re through immigration / Baggage pickup and customs, turn right and follow the sign airport link. Now you bypass Bangkok Hospital shop and next to it is True and AIS Telecommunication where you can buy your local sim card for around 200b. If you have a sim locked phone you might unlock it at MBK shopping center or take your old sim lock free phone with you.

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