SeaWorld Orlando The Dolphin Plunge Aquatica Fun Facts!

There are 36 water slides in Aquatica.

The official slogan of Aquatica is “Fun as endless as the sea itself.”

The wave pools are filled with 860,000 gallons of water between them

Aquatica receives nearly a million guests per year.

It is the fourth-most visited water park in the U.S.

Roa’s Rapids

Aquatica has its own characters, called “park ambassadors.” They are Roa the kiwi. Kata the kookaburra. Wai the Commerson’s dolphin, Ihu the gecko, Papa the Royal Spoonbill, Wae Wae the takahe, and Motu the turtle.

Aquatica’s Commerson’s dolphins are all male and came fromSeaWorld San Diego.

80,000 square feet of white sand covers the beaches in Aquatica. That’s just over 3 million pounds of sand!

There are 100 species of trees and 250 species of shrubs, flowers and vines here for a total of over 60,000 plants.

TIP: Your grown-ups can arrange to rent private cabanas on the beach. Aquatica contains 3.3 million gallons of water.

The water in Aquatica is heated to 84 degrees at all times.

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