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To our great surprise, in a couple of photos we did see a face in the window. Upon inspection of the upstairs room, however, we quickly discovered our ghost person was a lampshade hanging from the ceiling. Again, we just want to emphasize the importance of knowing what is on both sides of that window before making a judgment (See Samples 4, 5).

Sample 4: Many people have seen a face in the upper floor window of this restaurant.

Sample 5: The face is actually a bmp and a perfect example of matrixing.

Matrixing is another common cause of ghostly apparitions in mirrors. Aged mirrors are particular culprits of ghostly apparitions that aren’t. As a mirror ages, its polished, dark metal base and glass can experience moisture leaks, fine cracks, chips, warping, and other natural wear that can create some very fascinating shapes that may appear to be faces.

Mirrors, just like windows, capture and reflect light from any variety of sources including the random flash from a still camera, infra-red (IR) light, or flashlight. Even the position of a partner or placement of furniture can create a matrix effect in a photo.

Matrixing does not always appear in windows or mirrors but can occur anywhere, especially in the dark. That’s why it is so important to know where team members are and to be aware of your surroundings (See Samples 6, 7).

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