Sheepscot Pond

Key Species: splake, brown trout, lake trout, smallmouth bass, pickerel, white perch Best Way to Fish: boat, canoe

Best Time to Fish: April through September, January and February MAG: 13, B-4

Description: This productive, easily accessible 1,215-acre lake has a maximum depth of 150 feet. Sheepscot Pond is about halfway between Augusta and Belfast. You will need a boat or canoe to fish here because the shoreline is private, except for the area near the boat ramp. Prevailing winds can make the lake choppy on windy days, so pick a calm day to use a canoe.

Special fishing regulations include a minimum length of 14 inches on brook trout, splake, and lake trout. Nearby Lake St. George State Park in Liberty offers camping, and motels can be found on Maine Route 3 between Palermo and Augusta.

Fishing index: The depth of this lake makes it good habitat for lake trout. Try the deep hole off Iron Ore Point. In winter, use a large, dead shiner fishedon the bottom; in summer, troll a large minnow behind lead-core line and trolling spoons.

Sheepscot Pond also receives annual stockings of splake. In 1995, 2,750 splake were planted here. In spring, or through the ice, try for splake around Bald Head and Leemans Arm. Fish with small minnows in about 20 feet of water (see splake in the species section for more details). As in most splake waters, the first few weeks of ice fishing season produce the most fish. Early and late in the day are the best times for splake; however, you should get slow but steady action throughout the day.

White perch grow large here, and the shallower water close to shore is best for them. When fishing for white perch in winter, use small minnows, Swedish Pimple jigs, or lead-head jigs in chartreuse with sparkle tails. In summer, use worms, small minnows, and lead-head jigs. For smallmouth bass, try Oak Point, off the west shore. Use Dardevles, Mepps spinners, or lead-head jigs. Early morning, mid-morning, late afternoon, and evenings are best for smallmouths.

Directions: From Augusta, take Maine Route 3 and head east for 20 miles. The state boat ramp is on the right, along the highway.

For more information: Contact Elma’s Tackle Shop.

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