This Art Museum is located in a modern building in a spectacular location, overlooking the neighbouring Shenzhen Reservoir Park. The Art Museum is certainly worth visiting if you are going to Donghu Park. Also, if you have an interest in Chinese modern art, you should check in the Shenzhen Daily for information on the current exhibition. The Art Museum is a small-to-medium size gallery, with a focus on contemporary Chinese Art and Shenzhen Art.

Sometimes the floor space will be taken up with the current exhibition, but the Shenzhen Art Museum also has its own collection. This includes contemporary urban art, with some 1500 items altogether including sculpture. Contemporary art works and Shenzhen art works from the collection have been shown overseas in countries such as Macau and Germany.

The Art Museum also houses an academic institute, with three divisions and 23 staff who look after exhibition planning, art education and academic research. It is a premier location for art collections and not to be missed by art lovers.

When we visited, the Art Museum had an exhibition marking the 87th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. Revolutionary art doesn’t usually grab us but this was an exception. What was most striking was that this was an exhibition of guo hua or Chinese ink painting and it was just terrific. Yes, all the traditional brush and ink techniques were there but so were just about everything else. Total realism, pointillism, and even total abstraction. Some of the representations of famous revolutionary figures occasionally descended into caricature and even the Chairman himself wasn’t immune from a little tweaking.

Address: 32 Donghu Street, Donghu Park, Aiguo Road, Luohu 32

Open 9am to 5 pm Tuesday to Sunday. Closed Mondays Bus Nos.3, 17, 360, 351, 300 . Take the bus to the Shenzhen Reservoir Shenzhen Shui Ku station and go to the East Lake Dong Hu Park.

When you go through the Park entrance you will see a map and signs pointing to the Art Museum that is a short walk straight up the main path, past a children’s entertainment centre.

Website: http://www. shenzhenparty. com/place/culture/art-gallery/shenzhen-art-museum


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