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Sorrento is a small town, beautiful, surrounded by the blue sea and practically bathed in sunshine throughout the year. Although they are so many things to do and see in Sorrento, most tourists spend here only a few days, also a due of the many cruise ships which dock every day in this small town. This is the why I decided to write this short guide which will help you discover and enjoy a nice day in Sorrento and maybe visit some monuments.
As you can read in this post, things to do in Sorrento , one of the main reasons why people decide to visit the jewel of the Sorrento Coast is undoubtedly the sea. Here you will find numerous free beaches and some really very equipped beaches, although a little more expensive than average. What are the best beaches in Sorrento? Obviously the Queen Giovanna Baths and La Solara do the lion’s share, however, you will also be surprised by the lesser known beaches.

But spending a day in Sorrento is not only this. In fact, the Sorrento Coast has a fairly long history and, therefore, the monuments, squares, streets and points of interest are numerous. Pizza Tasso, Corso Italy, the Cloister of St. Francis, the Cathedral of Sorrento, the Valley of the Mills, Teatro Tasso, Villa Comunale are all places which would be worth visiting. Even if visiting Sorrento in one day shall impose you a drastic selection.
Obviously from this small town I recommend you to reach Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, two small fishing villages where the maritime tradition is particularly strong and heartfelt. Here, as well as enjoy a small tour in the village you can enjoy excellent seafood at an affordable price.

From Sorrento, you can of course go diving, boating, sailing boat rides, excursions. I do recommend the boat ride which will take you inside the Cave of the Sirens. A true spectacle of nature. For one day in Sorrento monuments, beaches and places of interest described may also suffice. But Sorrento is not only this.

I advise you to get lost in the flavors and scents of Sorrento cuisine. Undoubtedly, dishes based on fish are the heart of the traditional cuisine of this small town. And so mussel soup, linguine with clams, sea bream with salt, baked bream and seafood in general, with their flavors and smells, will accompany you during your stay in Sorrento.
And how not to mention the famous limoncello or lemon sorbet, in short, the Sorrento lemon are among the most renowned in the world.

One thing is certain, you’ll fall in love on this place and probably you will decide to spend more days in this magical land. I will not explain how to get to Sorrento, also because you can look for this information on Google very easily.What can I say now, you just have to book tickets and hotel and go. Have a good trip.

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