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The Buccaneer, a destination beach and golf resort, is so romantic that The Bachelor recently fi lmed on the property. Family-owned and operated since 1947, The Buccaneer is both historic and contemporary, blending old-world charm with modern amenities.

Packages cater to varying tastes and styles, from intimate elopements and glamorous wedding galas to honeymoon getaways. Spend your visit enjoying the three beaches, golf, tennis, pools, fine dining and a spa.

All guest rooms have expansive terraces or balconies with sea views. Small groups enjoy the six-bedroom Buccaneer Beach House at Whistle Point. 800.255.3881,

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Then, just fifteen months after the launching ceremony, on 23 January 1876, she was wrecked on the Farne Islands and became a total loss. The Ilala had left Gainsborough for Gateshead on Tyne, but strong nor’easterly gales forced her back to shelter in the mouth of the Humber off Hull. After she left Hull roads, a strong southwesterly gale sprang up, driving the Ilala before it past the mouth of the Tyne and right through the main mass of the Farne Islands until she struck hard on what was described as the hidden Swadman Reef’. The crew let go both anchors and lit the ship up to attract attention. Their signals were answered from the shore but no lifeboat came to rescue them. They decided to cut the anchors and drifted out and onto the Longstone. An account of the ship’s loss was taken up by the Dundee Courier on 27 January 1876. The headlines read: The Loss of the Ilala of Dundee-Strange Conduct of the Lifeboat Crew It went on: The crew then lowered their boat and four of them jumped into it, and made for the rocks. The boat was dashed forward towards the rock by the sea, and on nearing the rock one of the men sprang upon it from the boat. The boat was then carried away by the receding wave and upon again being thrown towards the rock by the sea, two other men jumped out of it to the rock.

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