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Almost immediately you pass Yesterday’s World, which you St. Petersburg Subway Map will return to at the end of the walk. Go on along this road until you reach St. Petersburg Subway Map the Norman church of St Mary The Virgin, a beautiful historic church that is typical of so many in Sussex and indeed England. It was founded by Abbot Ralph in the early twelfth century and was enlarged towards the end of that century, with the west doorway following a little after that, and a west tower that was built in the fifteenth century.

There are some impressive memorials in the church, including the brasses to Sir John Lowe and William Arnold dating back to the early fifteenth century and the recumbent effigies of Sir Anthony Browne and his wife who died in 1548. Having left the church, cross the road and head back towards the town centre. If you have come here by train, you could just pick up the walk from St Mary’s Church having accessed it via Station Road and Lower Lake, perhaps after sampling another aspect of English life in the form of curling British Rail sandwiches on your outward journey.

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