Sydney Australia Trip

What does a popular city like Sydney have to offer a few highlights.

This is Fitchburg very famous in Australia. I don’t know why. I look at it, it’s a black junk but you put it on your breakfast toast.

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I’ve been having it every day. I’m, and it does wonders for you Betty do you want to try some Marv into my eye not bad that’s the first time. I’ve ever had into my life fantastic there you go vigilant after a hearty breakfast of Vegemite the surfs up at Bondi Beach the perfect time to catch a wave, and maybe one of the local surfers Bondi is an Aboriginal word meaning water breaking over rocks the beach is home to the bondi surf Bay there’s Life Saving Club the oldest of its kind we will up, and get nice rolling wipes, it’s here, it’s now good training enough just flat this guys like to die test you the beach became the centre of the Sydney bathing costume protests in when thousands took to the beach in response to a proposed law which would require male bakers to wear knee length to news Beach attire continued to make headlines into the s when American actress Jean Parker was escorted from Bondi in her tiny awesome there you go definitely one to see the Opera House, and the bridge Sydney Harbour Bridge he’s gonna do the climb on Tuesday, it’s kind of excited perhaps the most iconic landmark in Sydney’s harbor is the Opera House a multi venue Performing Arts Center, and home to opera Australia, and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Danish architect Jorn Utzon’s sail like inspiration beat out other design entries structural issues bad weather, and feuding project managers plague – construction to see the success of what he visualized even with the challenges just lets us know that dreaming is real million dollars over budget, and years late the Opera House finally opened in oh, it’s gorgeous you know you hear about it all of your life, and then when you actually see it, it’s just awesome you’ve seen one Playhouse you’ve seen them all but that’s not the case here.

This is the Sydney Opera House fabulous fabulous all the free time there were. So many things you could do. So this here is the Aurora Australis, and it is the most viable black opal in the world it is not black at all in color, it’s actually a really silly name of course.

Because in fact if it were black in color it would be of no value at all Australia produces % of the world’s over Sydney offers other gems as well free time is a chance to chat with the locals listen to the music, and sample the food, and drink. I think travel makes you very open-minded you see. So many different cultures, and we saw a song, and dance performance, and just learning about the culture is very very special, it’s about going out there, and experiencing having the adventure doing things that you’re not necessarily comfortable doing you.

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