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All organisationshould invest time and effort in planning what they will do in any likely situation. The risk assessment will have shown them what threatare likely, so they have to produce planthat they can follow if that threat materialises.

All companieprobably have written planand proceduresaying what staff should do in the event of a fire, an evacuation, a power cut, floods, etc. I suggest that you should include terrorist incidentin your plans. I saw one report from 1992 that stated that up to 80% of businesseaffected by a terrorist bomb ceased trading within a year.

The planshould be simple, clear, available and most importantly tested and reviewed. A plan won’t work unlesyou test it and iron out the problems. By the same token, if you don’t review and update that plan, when you come to use it, it will probably be inappropriate.


A procedure’ ian instruction on how something should be done. It iwritten, tested and formally agreed and signed off. It filla number of roles. It ia checklist, a training aid and at the same time a sequence of instructions. The checklist tellthe employee what he hato do in what order. Aa simple example, a procedure’ for issuing office stationery may be:

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1. Check the stationery requisition.

2. Ithe requisition filled in properly and completely? If not, refuse to issue stationery.

3. Ithe requisition counter signed by a manager? If not, refuse to issue stationery.

4. If filled in properly and signed and the stationery itemare in stock, issue them.

5. If stationery itemare not in stock, place an order.

6. Member of staff to sign for stationery issued.

7. Amend stationery stock records.

8. Check to see if order level habeen reached on any stock items.

9. If order level reached, place stationery order.

10. If order level not reached, serve remaining employeeor lock stationery store if no employeewaiting for stationery..

Thuthe procedure tellpeople what to do in what order. It remindthem of thingthat they may forget, such achecking for a manager’signature and/or forgetting to reorder itemwhen stockare low.

There should be procedurefor all standard functions. For example:

New employee process. There should be a procesthat describethe induction procesfor a new employee. Attending the HR office, signing forms, getting issued with a company pass, getting issued with a login ID and password, being given a desk and key. etc.

Fire alarm process. Thiwill describe what bell or alarm will sound, what the different alarmmean, by which dooremployeeshould leave the building, whether employeeshould lock confidential cupboards, etc. before they leave the building, where employeeshould meet when they get outside, who should check that each floor or section iempty and that all staff and visitorhave gone (fire wardens), etc

Broken computer process. Depending on what the computer iused for, the procesmay be different. For example, if a social club computer ibroken, you just get it replaced. However, if the computer waused to procesand store any restricted information there will be a different procedure. In that case you must personally supervise the engineer ahe removethe old hard disk, then without losing sight of that disk you must seize it and hand it to the IT manager, who will take it for disposal at a secure specialist company, hi that way classified or confidential data will not be removed from the building on a disk that may or may not be recoverable.

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