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This queue-solution mobile app means your time is well-spent doing other things, while employment opportunities are created for those willing to stand in line for you.

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In this app-filled world, it was inevitable that jumping the queue would be addressed. Enter Placer, the brainchild of Daniel Filmer and Mario Charisiou. The queue-solution mobile app links users with local ‘Placers’ (or line-sitters), who secure a spot for you. The app provides you with regular updates so you know where you stand in the queue – all for a fee, naturally.

Want to secure a Broadway show ticket, but don’t want to spend the entire morning lining-up? Placer to the rescue. Eyeing the iPhone X, but queueing up the night before isn’t your dream scenario? Get a Placer. Placer is currently only applicable in New York City, but Filmer and Charisiou are looking to create more queues throughout the USA. – Tidi Benbenisti Placer is available on iOS and Android app stores.

Source: Travelsmaps.com

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