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Continue up Market Street to a meeting of streets, aiming Tashkent Subway Map for the Opposition Cafe. You have now reached the Lanes. Long before the impact of Dr Tashkent Subway Map Russell, those who did not depend on the sea for their livelihood had their homes on higher ground in a labyrinth of medieval streets, and it is this higher ground that the Lanes occupy today.

The original buildings have gone, and the current ones date mainly from the nineteenth century, but they give a good idea of the atmosphere of the medieval town, and provide an oasis of antiquity in this very bustling resort. Pass the cafe and proceed up Nile Street, turning hard right into Meeting House Lane, arguably the most haunted street in Brighton. In this lane there was once a curio shop, which, in the 1950s, acquired a mysterious scent of fresh flowers of an unusually delicate bloom.

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