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Close your eyes, step through the door of Kawasemi Japanese Tea House and – bam! – next thing you know, you’re in Japan. With an authentic Japanese vibe and no windows to the outside world, it’s easy to imagine you’re in a Tokyo eatery rather than in an arcade in downtown Moonah.

The restaurant is a visual feast, artfully crammed full of Japanese knick-knacks and decorations -the only thing missing is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hiding out behind the plastic plants. Take a seat, sip some green tea and soon your table will also be crammed with all manner of Japanese delights (of the edible kind). There’s plenty of authentic fare on the menu, but for a great sampler, you can’t go past the lunchtime bento box.

It’s bursting with small treats like tempura veggies, sushi, sashimi and pickles, all served with miso soup and salad on the side. Steamed salmon, grilled eel, pork and tofu dishes will also please, and have you saying, Gochisosama-deshita!’. Temptation will prevail when it comes to the dessert list and some will surprise, like the gelatinous coffee. If you don’t think you’re quite ready for this jelly, other sweets should take the cake (make that tempura icecream with chocolate sauce). The prices here are as easy to swallow as the fine food on offer, and the relaxed vibe will linger long after you’ve returned from your trip to Tokyo ahem, make that Moonah.

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