Taste Some Delicious Dishes of Vietnamese Cuisine

Visiting Vietnam along with your family itself sounds very interesting, but you can make it more spicy and thrilling if you know a little more about the land before taking the trip. Just like all the other Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is also jam packed with numerous tourist destinations that can make you spell bound. Apart from all the beautiful cities, luxurious resorts, fascinating nightlife, rugged mountains and tranquil landscapes, there are various other things that you can enjoy. One of those is the famous Vietnamese cuisine. Dishes in Vietnam comprises of various innovative tastes and ingredients that you have never tested in your life. Various types of food items are there in the cuisine, but it is impossible for you to taste all of them. Thus, the article focuses on all those food items that are available very easily in the market. Most of the following items are available with the street vendor in Vietnam. Apart from these, you can also get these dishes also with the luxurious restaurants. Pho: Pho is one of the most popular dishes in Vietnam and is considered as item that they have in their breakfast. Apart from this, this dish is also known as the symbol of Vietnam’s gastronomy. This dish is available with every luxury restaurant and street vendor and thus, you won’t face any difficulty in finding this dish in the nation. Ingredients used in this dish are stewing bones of pig or chicken along with some special spices. To make it more special, some uses a special rice, which is gaote. Rice Vermicelli or Bun: Just like pho, Bun is made with flour.

The only difference is that in place of the triangle shape in Pho, bun uses a small circular shape. The recipe that is used for preparing bun is far more diverse than the Pho. This results in the creation of various vermicelli dishes, some of them are Bun Rieu, Bun Cha, Bun Ca and many more. The most appropriate bun has a specific sour taste where the primary ingredients are Lemon lime, Garciniacowa, and tomato. Grass Noodles or Mien: Mien also has a similar shape like the bun, however, this is a noodle inspired from Chinese cuisine and thus, not made with rice flour. Instead of this, they make use of cassava flour and seaweed. Best thing about this dish is that it is a dish with less calorie and mostly based on vegetable. Components used in this noodle is quite similar to the Pho, but still the spices used in it is a little more sour and taste a little fishy because people have this dish mainly with the sea foods. Mien Luon is one of the most common types of mien found in Vietnam, especially in the capital city Hanoi. Broth that is used for cooking this noodle is made with ginger and eel’s bone. These are some of the most common dishes that you can taste in Vietnam. Best thing about these dishes is that you can try them both in luxury restaurants and with the street vendors. Go for Vietnam family tours and enjoy all these lovely and delicious dishes on Vietnamese cuisine.

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