Temple of Heaven China

Temple of Heaven is an ancient temple built in China’s capital City Beijing. It was constructed in 1420 along with the construction of Forbidden City. This temple is spread in around 273 hectares and is three times bigger than the Forbidden City. This temple has the largest premises area in the world.

Two hundred years back emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties visited these temples for their prayers and annual ceremonies. Chinese emperors believed God to be super natural being with ultimate power to communicating from the universe, the emperors would consider themselves as ‘God’s Son,’ and took it as their responsibility to perform their prayers for God. Temple of Heaven is a symbolic example of China’s architecture and craftsmanship work. The entire temple is decorated with soothing colors and paintings. Thousands of Pine trees and Cyprus trees make the surrounding more spiritual.

Temple of Heaven was built by emperor Youngle in 1406 to 1420 and Forbidden City was also constructed by Youngle Emperor, he had constructed three more temples – Temple of Sun, Temple of Moon and Temple of Earth. In 18 th Century Emperor Qianlong rebuilt Temple of Heaven. In this temple in 1914, Yunan Shikai was crowned as the President of China.

Now this place has become a tourist place, local people visit this place in the morning and evening for their walks. In 1918, the government opened it as a park for the public. In 1998 UNESCO has added it to its list of World Heritage.

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