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Currently, one of the more popular approaches and setups here are the all-inclusive places. They house maybe 30 rooms, most are gringos, and the daily buffet arranged by the hotel is prime dark meat, hold the vegetables. Located in Sosua, gringos in numbers visit the spots the Palace, Blackbeards and the Blue Dolphin. The Palace is very small, with just 20 rooms, so remember to plan ahead and leave a deposit in advance. The hotel manager is a pimp daddy who provides a steady flow of young hoes who pop in and out and in and out during the day. Dates are around 800 pesos. Outside of here the rate is a lot less, you pay for convenience and quality here. Make sure you negotiate/pay in pesos, not dollars. It’s a much better value. ( )

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For hot looking locals, High Caribbean is a great spot. If you’ve ever been to Rio de Janiero, it’s layout and atmosphere is like a mini Help Disco. Cover is $3, girls are $25-40. Talent is somewhat lacking, but their desire is not. Drink heavily, pull a few out, and take no pictures. Who’s gonna know you’re telling a fish story back home anyway with no evidence. Wrap that bad boy in stainless steel in this town. Make hydrogen peroxide your best friend.

Other clubs the girls frequent for gringos are the Latino Club and Crystals. Another comical event to do is the Dominican car wash bar. Ask around to find the right one to go to. Here’s the plan, you get your car washed, drink and eat, and get a girl while your there. If you don’t have a car, walk there, drink, eat, and then have her wash you and do her. Hell, pull up in a taxi, make her wash it, then clean you up in the back seat with that high powered vacuum suction mouth of hers. There are non-pro young girls everywhere walking the streets since cars are beyond their pocketbook. Trust me, the minute they see yo’ happy ass Gringo face they turn pro in a second. Just be patient and you’ll find some impossibly ripe teen hard bodies strolling around.

For you golfers, the town to stay in is Puerto Plata, about 25 minutes from the airport , and maybe 25 minute north from Sosua. This is the home of the several casinos as well as great golf courses. The fantastic Playa Grande course, compared to Pebble Beach in California, is about 30 minutes down the road. It is best to fly into Puerto Plata’s Gregorio Luperon International Airport. If you fly into Santo Domingo’s Las Americas International Airport, you will be about a 3-hour bus ride to Nagua, from which you will have to take a minibus or cab to get to your hotel. Caribbean Village at Playa Grande and the Bahia Principe are the two big hotels in the area.

The inexpensive Robert Trent Jones course in Puerto Plata, which is just 20 minutes from Sousa north up on the coast. To get women to escort you here will take about a minute to find during a drive across from the course complex. Point and click. ST dates are the time period of choice.

Here’s a convenient local map to print out.

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