The Road to Atuh Beach – Renting a Motor Bike Drone of Nusa Penida Island Bali Indonesia

And a beautiful, good morning to you and welcome to Nusa Penida, starting the day with breakfast, some pancakes, coffee, Lombok coffee this is and fruit. And, I’ve rented a motorbike, so it’s time to go out and explore, Nusa Penida, let’s go and see, what beauties this island holds, first of all, don’t negotiate the traffic, now I can ride a bike, so that’s not too difficult, but whenever you go, to these island places, not everybody drives by the rules.

The Road to Atuh Beach – Renting a Motor Bike Drone of Nusa Penida Island Bali Indonesia Photo Gallery

People wander out, chickens, dogs, house all sorts of things, so you do have to drive carefully and of course to get used to the new, new location. But here we go, what is our plan for the day? my plan for the day is to go to a place called Atuh Beach, which apparently is very beautiful and has these amazing cliffs, overlooking, some beautiful beaches, that’s one place I want to go to, where’s the other place I want to go to? ah well, I’ll check in with you later and let you know, first of all, let’s get ourselves to Atuh Beach. Filling up with petrol at the local petrol station, thank you very much.

We’re going to Atuh Beach, which is on the east side of Nusa Penida, I’ve been following the road round on my rented bike, it’s been very easy, great tar road as you can see, really good condition. No signpost so far, but I’ve just followed the main road, now I’ve got to a junction, as you can see a sign posted, Atuh Beach left, Atuh Beach straight on. So I think I might have to find someone and ask which is the best road? how I’m soon, both go to Atuh beach but let’s see where we go.

First view of, Atuh beach, there it is down there, oh and it looks amazing, all I gotta do is get there, and the road has been well, hatchy, doable on a bike, safer to walk, you can park at the top of this hill or at the top of this hill there, either end, I think it’s five thousand rupiah India, Indonesian rupiah, but I have foolishly chosen to drive all the way through, and it’s been a bit nerve-racking, but we’ve survived so far, but I also have to get the other way which will be interesting but, look at that, whoa it looks so gorgeous, let’s go down there. So made it to Atuh beach, when you get to the top of the road, there’s an area for parking, it’s ten thousand, Indonesian rupiah per person, entry and five thousand Indonesian rupiah for parking your bike, so same is at the top, you can park at the top for five thousand per person and walk down, and then they’ll still charge you ten thousand or bring the bike all the way down and again parking’s five thousand rupiah per bike and entrance down into the view area is ten thousand per person. So now, we’ve made it down here, let’s go and See the beach, and here’s the guys, where you pay your parking fee to, hi guys hi, thank you.

Let’s go see the beach, and how amazing is this? this is actually the cliffs on one side, Atuh Beach is on the other side, I’ll show you some clips of that also but this is, stunning. So, now we here at Atuh Beach, let me show you around a little bit. It’s beautiful, I mean really beautiful, as you can see behind me, that’s just one of the viewpoints, that, I’m about to view but there’s, couple of viewpoints looking over, some rock cliffs on one side, Atuh Beach on the other side and you can of course go down onto the beach as well.

It is really beautiful, but do take care, the cliff, edge, is right there, you go over there, just trying to take a selfie or a picture, you ain’t coming back, okay so just be sensible, there’s plenty lovely view points where you can get stunning views of all of this, I mean really, you don’t need to risk your life, just enjoy it, don’t go near the edge, I mean the more people fall over, the more, protected the place will get, the less authentic it will feel, so be sensible, the other thing as you can see, slathered in sun cream and my cap on, the sun is intense, really, this is not an especially hot day for this country, but oh, it is, really burning, so slather that sun cream on, don’t forget it. You will regret it, sunburn is horrible, so I’ve been dancing around the viewpoint, I’ve even had the drone in the air, so I hope you enjoyed the drone shots now, I need a drink, so I’m gonna head, down the path, somehow, down to Atuh Beach, where I see little shacks, and little umbrellas on the beach, time to take some photographs down there, get me a drink, maybe even something to eat, come on, let’s go. How do I get down? that’s where I came up, so I came up this part here, this part here, that goes to the parking lot, there, now I saw another route that goes down that side, that goes down there, to the beach, so let’s go to the beach.

It’s quite a steep path but it is nice steps, but look at the beach awaiting for me at the end I can do it, I don’t know if I’ll ever come up again, if you don’t hear from me, you know I refused to come upstairs, and I’m living, somewhere, living there, maybe this spot on the beach will be nice with a party or living and sleeping in a boat here, anyway, that does look beautiful. Here we go, if you want to go up the steps, from Atuh Beach, this says, ‘Who do not have ticket, in banned up’, so if you don’t have a ticket, you can’t go up. Tickets are, five thousand pesos [Indonesian Rupiah] I think you can buy them from down there but I actually, started at the top and came down, so I bought mine where I parked the car, top, as I said five, ten thousand per person, five thousand for scooters, but obviously you don’t take up your scooter up the steps.

Let’s go the rest of the way down, we’re nearly there, here we go. The beach, here you go, beautiful beach, a bit rough for swimming in, but lovely for spending the day, at the beach, relax on one of these things, chill, have a drink, have some lunch, soak up the sun, that’s what it’s all about..

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