Things to do in Agra Sightseeing at The Red Fort Baby Taj Mahal in Agra

Good morning, ticket for one please. Good morning sir [Simon] No thank you Got me’ ticket! Missed the guides now let’s go in Exploring some more of Agra today before I leave for Delhi obviously the Taj Mahal is the big draw card for Agra but you’ve also got a couple other things one of them right now is Agra Fort it’s a huge fort but only % of it is currently open to the public and that’s a big area there isn’t a great deal inside apart from the fantastic architecture and big gardens big open spaces big courtyards, palaces and lots of empty rooms but it’s nice to amble round I recommend again getting here early in the morning partly to beat the heat and beat the people not beat the people but you get there before the people if you know what I mean you shouldn’t beat the people and that’s the baby Taj which is also on the river you can also see the cows and buffalo and the people washing laundry there’s the baby Taj – there’s the laundry that’s where we’re headed it’s not too far, that’s good okay so now it’s time for the baby Taj which is the tomb of there you go opening of the monument sunrise to sunset it looks like this is the ticket counter [Simon] good morning [Counter clerk] Good morning, hello, how are you?

Things to do in Agra Sightseeing at The Red Fort Baby Taj Mahal in Agra Photo Gallery

Good thank you. How are you? [Simon]ticket for one please [Counter Clerk]ten more please [Simon] thank you ver much [Simon] thank you, have a good day and through security next so I’ll just put the camera away Visit the baby Taj Again this is a mausoleum to another beloved wife built again with sand, er sorry not sandstone with white marble and ivory the gates are made of red sandstone and is on the other side of the river to the Taj Mahal much quieter much smaller but beautiful and peaceful lovely place to come entrance for foreigners is rupees and I think Indians it’s rupees of entry you’re also not allowed to take in a lot of metal things or tripods or anything like that so my tripod and everything even my little tripod had to leave behind left with my my rickshaw driver, and I’m back to hand holding the camera so sorry.

If I’m a bit wobbly today got nothing to steady the camera on and I haven’t found anything to stand it on while I talk to you guys but this is my last er, last few hours in Agra it’s been fantastic, the Taj Mahal really is breathtaking the other things, you know, you wouldn’t come specially for but when you’re in Agra the Red Fort and the Baby taj are worth a visit so take a look round them while you’ve got the time while you’re here but obviously go and see the Taj then enjoy the rest of Agra it’s quite a mellow city I’m going to sit here for a little while in the shade I don’t think I’m allowed onto the grass beautiful green grass but I’ve got shade of a tree here and I’ve got a nice seat so I’m gonna sit myself down relax just spend an hour or so chilling out and enjoying this beautiful view I hope you’re enjoying our trip through India as much as I am thank you very much to everyone out there who has given me so much feedback about so many things about information about things places to go foods to eat what the food is it’s very helpful thank you very much so thank YOU and I hope you’re enjoying this ride I’m now heading back to Delhi where I’ve then got to decide where to go I haven’t planned it yet so I’ll keep you up to date on that in the meantime let’s have a look around the baby Taj..

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