Things to do in Riga Sigulda Quick Guide to Latvia

I’m in Latvia and this is the quick guide to Riga! Latvia is one of the three Baltic States and is located in the north east of Europe. Its capital Riga is the largest city of the Baltics and was the European Capital of Culture in. The Riga central market is a good spot to start your discovery. Located inside of old German zeppelin hangars it is Europe’s largest market and bazar. The best way to check out Riga if you don’t have a lot of time is by bike. So. hop on a bike and see all the sights in just a short amount of time! I went on a bike tour with E. A. T. Riga to get to know the historical Old Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also the areas off the tourists trails. to see the real Riga. A relaxing boat ride is the perfect way to tour the green side of the city. as well as the Daugava river in just about one hour. I’m at the Labietis brewery aka the beer epicentre of Riga with Artus. Is it already beer o’clock? “It’s always beer o’clock”

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Ah. I like the sound of that! So tell me tell me something about your brewery what are you doing? We call it the “beer workshop”. This is why we have lots of experiment brews. We do two things. Number one: we try to expand the boundaries of craft brewing. Second: we’re trying to merge it with a Latvian folk tradition in the way the beer is done. As you’ve seen most of the beers we have are with different herbs. It’s not only hops and malts. We are changing a bit the rules of the game by adding basically anything that we feel might go. Next thing you should do when in Riga is to try “Riga Black Balsam” We are about to try it.

Cheers! I took a train to Sigulda to get into the nature and to do some interesting activities. Sigulda is located at the Gauja’s National Park and is often referred to as the Switzerland of Vidzeme. At the medieval castle you are able to step back in time. and you are able to try your hands in some medieval activities. Next stop is “Tarzan’s” which is the biggest adventure park in the Baltics. I’m ready to go on this trail! The adventure park consists of more than different obstacles placed in trees up to metres above the ground. You can also go zip-lining, tubing or sledding. Now I want to go one step further because now I’m going to. fly! The so-called Aerodium is located near Sigulda. and was my chance to fly in a vertical wind tunnel for the first time! This was so much fun and quite the perfect way to finish a trip like that because tomorrow I fly again. but this time back home. If you like this post and you want to see more posts. don’t forget to comment to this blog for new travel posts every Thursday. Leave me thumbs up, comment below & share it with your friends! We see each other in the next post until then bye bye from Latvia!

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