Thrift Shop Of Boston US Map & Phone & Address

Thrift Shop Of Boston US Map & Phone & Address

• 488 Centre St, Jamaica Plain;(617) 522-5676

Quite a large thrift store, with lots of furniture, housewares, and clothing. And lamps, lots of lamps. The general quality of most stuff is on the low end, but it’s always worth a look and it’s fun to browse. Hours are 10 A.M. to 3:45 P.M. Tuesdays through Saturdays. Proceeds from the store benefit several charities, including Children’s Hospital and the New England Home for Little Wanderers.

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Inside the three islets, where the reefs are at low ebb tide, especially during springs, the water is often crystal clear and like a millpond during the summer. A number of large, boulder-like mounds, many with long crevices and overhangs covered in heavy kelp and tangleweed, lie just to the west of the three islets. Two hundred metres further to the northwest of these, another long, high reef commences close inshore and leads out to sea for about 300 metres. The top of this reef and the boulder- and rock-strewn ground just to the northwest is covered in heavy kelp, but the seabed then becomes much, more shallow and gradually leads onto fine sand for the next 1/ miles towards Berwick. Wingate and Park Dyke reefs the other side of Holy Island. The location of this site is 1.58 miles north from the Snook on Lindisfarne and WNW of dive site (12). The reef begins about a quarter of a mile off the shore at low tide and is half a mile long. It comes up from the sandy seabed at 12 metres to about 4 metres and has a considerable amount of current running over it. There are lots of interesting overhangs and crevices where large cod shelter from the tidal flow.

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