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Their first calendar predates the Western Julian calendar by eighty years Tianjin Subway Map . But the truck I sat in wasn’t going to win any first prize. It belched Tianjin Subway Map thick exhaust which came up through the flooring, and the clouds of exhaust outside got blown forward by the wind at the same speed as the Han was driving. Thus we sat in a total smog. The Han had such a strong regional accent that I could hardly understand a word he said. Our conversation was a guessing game, with me guessing what he was talking about.

Suicide was suspected. However, nothing is what it seems in this bizarre story. The autopsy revealed the placement and angle of the wound made it difficult for Foy to fire the gun himself. In addition, there was no gunpowder residue near the wound or on his hat, which would be the case if he had fired the shot himself. Besides that, the gun was found under his hat by his feet. How unlikely would it be for the gun to land under his hat?

Was James Foy murdered and, if so, by whom? Both Dan Holcomb and Judd Crouch had alibis. That left only the ladies and four men as the most likely suspects. Would one or more of those people be capable of killing Foy to stop him from telling the police all that he knew about the murders? A hearing was held but, like so much in this case, remained inconclusive.

Right after the murders, the well-known Pinkerton Detective Agency was brought in, and a substantial reward was offered for anyone who found the murderers. The reward motivated many hopeful, amateur detectives to try their hand at solving the murder and getting the booty. As we’ve already mentioned, the strange Henry Holcomb, became a self-described detective. Galen Brown, a former police officer from Battle Creek, was another of the self-appointed detectives.

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