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Full Spectrum Camera

Through a series of light-filtering, the full spectrum camera captures levels of light and images that go beyond the light spectrum our natural vision can detect. This allows images or shapes unseen or hidden in other light spectrums to become visible. There has been increased use of this camera system in recent investigations.

Though an interesting approach to identifying light variations unseen by the human eye, it does have its problems. In traditional photography it is difficult to identify a paranormal event because the picture captures just one brief moment in time. It is unknown what natural occurrences happened at the moment the picture was taken and, therefore, makes it very difficult to determine if the photographic anomaly is a result of natural causes or a true paranormal event. It becomes an even greater issue when using a full spectrum camera.

When going outside the visible light spectrum, it is incredibly difficult to determine the source of the anomaly because, obviously, the image captured was not seen. False positives are very likely misinterpreted by someone inexperienced in spectrum photographic analysis. We would suggest getting educated in full spectrum photography before attempting to use it to identify paranormal phenomena.

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