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Margarin’s enterprise was transformed by the Bibliotheca Patrum Coloniensis of 1618, in 14 volumes in chronological order, each volume corresponding to the centuries of the authors. Doubled in size, it became the Maxima Bibliotheca Patrum, Lyons 1677, in 27 volumes from the 1st to the 16th c. In 1765–1781 the Bibliotheca Veterum Patrum was published in 14 volumes by A. Galland; it was a landmark, reproducing, for the Greeks, the Greek text. Migne abandoned the title of Bibliotheca which he reserved for his own enterprise and adopted that of Cursus already used for other collections; for the first time in the history of publishing, he published in his corpus all the works of all writers, major and minor, providing the opera omnia, including spuria, in 221 volumes for the Patrologia Latina 1844–1864 and 161 volumes for the Patrologia Graeca 1857–1866. Th. Ittig, De Bibliothecis et Catenis Patrum, Leipzig 1707; J.G. Dowling, Notitia scriptorum SS. Patrum, Oxford 1939; A. Hamman, J.P. Migne. Le retour aux Pères de l’Église, Paris 1975.

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A formal charge by prosecutor’s information was not unusual in the colonies. Japan Metro Map Fortunately for Zenger, the information contained the word “false” in its reference to the seditious statements. This would provide his attorney a basis for his defense later at trial. Zenger was ably defended by Alexander and Smith, but they were soon disbarred in an unrelated dispute with the court. Alexander then retained Andrew Hamilton of Philadelphia, regarded by many as Pennsylvania’s most accomplished defense attorney. Hamilton surprised the court at the opening of Zenger’s trial, on August 4, 1735, by announcing that he was representing the accused.

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