Top Travel Destinations Vietnam

Top Travel Destinations Vietnam

I used to frequent the general Lake Simcoe area; for, some Sundays, I would drive some sixty or so miles to nearby Barrie with a Prince Edward Island friend who loved to bet on the standard bred horses. At times, I also went with him to the Mohawk raceway about forty miles out. He finally got me to also accompany him to the thoroughbred races at Greenwood and Woodbine in Toronto itself.

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Between 1992 and 1996, my said Anguillian wife had accompanied me to Toronto where we prepared our yearly What We Do In Anguilla tourism guide magazine for printing. During those years, we took the files up on floppy disks – followed later by CDs; had slides scanned and the appropriate photos inserted; then, film made to send to the printer for plates to he made in preparation for the actual printing itself.

Over the years, the nice gentleman in charge, a Mr. Paul Parr, treated us to lunch at the millionaires club restaurant; wined and dined us at a private restaurant in Aurora outside of Toronto; and, generally, gave us VIP treatment.

To our surprise, we were introduced to a senior management person there who told us that he had been to Anguilla on vacation; and, had stayed at Malliouhana hotel, the flagship resort of our high-end destination.

We were, indeed, rubbing shoulders with millionaires who gave us the millionaire treatment; or, so we thought and were convinced.

It was “luxury travel” that we were experiencing, even if we did not budget for it.

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