Tourists Guide in Getting to and Around Puerto Rico Transportation

Getting in around Puerto Rico is fairly easy with the different modes of transportation available. You can get inside the territory by plane which lands at and departs from Luis Mun³z Marin International Airport in Carolina. There are numerous and modestly-priced air travels to Puerto Rico and they come in decent intervals as well. The air trip typically lasts a few hours if you’re coming from the States (e.g. New York 4 hours; Chicago 5 hours and Miami 2 ½ hours).
Trips are longer if you’re departing from Europe (London 12 hours; Paris 10 hours and Madrid 8 hours). Since Puerto Rico is a US territory, American travelers are granted visa-free entry. Any TSA document can be used to gain entry to the territory. However, non-US citizens must meet the conditions and requirements set by the United States. Traveling by water is fairly easy as well. Commercial ferries dock at San Juan. US. and Samoan citizens don’t need visas to travel to and from Puerto Rico.
Once you get inside Puerto Rico, your transportation options comprise of the following: taxis, rented cars, train, ferries and public transport system (buses). Special consideration must be given to firsttime guests opting for car rentals. By far, it is the most convenient way to get around Puerto Rico by land and a host of car rental businesses are typically situated in the airports and hotels. Some roads in Puerto Rico are bad, there’s not much parking in the metro area and signs are written in Spanish. It must be noted though that speed limits are set in miles while distances are in kilometers.

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