useo Historico de la Colonia Menno

Though small, this museum has a very nice selection of photos documenting the history of the Menno colony. The journey of the original scouting team from 1921 receives special attention with vivid descriptions, photos, and even the original map presented to the potential colonists. There is also a map detailing the route taken through the Paraguayan Chaco to arrive at Loma Plata. Other photos depict many different aspects of life in the Mennonite colonies from education to farming. Tel: 0492 52301, Avenida Central next to the Chortitzer Cooperative, Mon-Fri 7am-11am, 2pm-6pm (to visit on weekends contact Walter Ratzalff at the cooperative’s tourism office) Salt Water Lagoons of Riacho Yakare Sur

The basin of Riacho Yakare Sur is a system of interconnected lagoons in the Central Chaco. These lagoons are excellent for nature observation, especially for spotting birds. From April to September, flocks of Chilean flamingoes can be found and from August to November many migratory birds can be spotted. The most visited reserve is Campo Maria, owned by Loma Plata’s Chortizer Komitee. Campo Maria possesses a large wooden observation tower from which one can appreciate the extent of the lagoon. Laguna Chaco Lodge is the largest of the Chaco’s lagoons and has been designated as a Ramsar site. During the dry season these lagoons can dry up completely leaving behind large expanses of salt covered soil. These sights are best visited with guides as they are on private property and can be difficult to access. In addition, local guides will be knowledgeable about which

lagoon is currently sporting more wildlife.

Isla Po’i

Isla Po’i is the Chortitzer Cooperative’s experimental farm. A variety of tests are performed here to determine the best conditions for the cooperative’s current crops. Potential new crops are also grown on the farm and studied extensively before being approved for planting by cooperative members. The sixty-two hectare experimental farm has fields of fruit trees, pasture, ornamental trees, and crops such as cotton, peanuts, and sesame. The farm is an excellent example of the high value Mennonite farmers place on education and research. As guided tours are not readily offered to the public, Isla Po’i is best visited with a tour guide.


Hotel Loma Plata Inn Without a doubt the nicest hotel in Loma Plata. Rooms are large with comfortable beds, and there is a wide breakfast selection as well as free internet use. There are future plans for a pool. Despite being on the far end of town, this hotel is the most centrally located and closest to the Nasa-Golondrina bus office. Tel 0492 253 235, 0492 60983, Corner of Eligio Ayala and Manuel Gondra (behind the Chaco’s Grill restaurant), Single Gs.

130,000-150,000, Double Gs. 180,000-200,000, Wi-Fi, TV, A/C

Hotel Mora A large facility, Hotel Mora is a good option for those who want to enjoy the outdoors (there’s plenty of shade). Rooms are spacious and spotless. Owner’s Spanish is very limited. This hotel is a ways outside of town and is therefore not convenient for those relying on public transportation (though they have a taxi service). Tel: 0492 52255, Calle Sandstrasse 803, follow signs from main rotary, Single Gs. 85,000, Double Gs. 120,000-170,000, TV, A/C, mini-fridge

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