Towering Monasteries of Greece

Greece is known for it’s islands, ancient ruins and oso but in this post I will be travelling inland to the town of Meteora meteora sits next to giant pinnacles of rock and on top of these pinnacles the monks built monasteries they were built in the th century to escape the increasing number of attacks from the Turks. more than monasteries were built only six remain the monasteries are relatively easy to hike to and if you go off the beaten path a little you will find some smaller hidden monasteries and ruins of old abandoned monasteries the more famous monasteries are the holy monastery of great Meteora or on and the holy monastery of varlaam.

Towering Monasteries of Greece Photo Gallery

You can enter each one for about euros per person. once inside the monasteries your legs arms and head if you’re female must be covered. when the monasteries were built the only way to enter them was either by rope ladder or a man powered hoist, now bridges and stairs have been cut into the side of the rock to let tourists easily access the monasteries.

From the monasteries of Varlaam we ventured down old once secret paths used by the monks to the holy monasteries of Saint Nicholas on out pollicis. here we learned a little more about the monastery life we were able to view their rooms and were shown how they were able to get water hundreds of years ago meteora has to be one of my favorite places in Greece with its amazing beauty history and hiking be sure to LIKE comment and comment as it helps the post out we will bring you more posts in the future from around the world check out some of my past posts as well if you like to help me make more posts you can purchase a t-shirt print or phone case the link is in the description below.

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