Best Backpacker Destinations Across the World

Traveling to exotic cities is no longer a luxury that only the affluent can afford. Many breathtaking locations have been discovered in the last two decades and many more are still waiting to be explored. As you prepare to travel, remember to schedule an appointment at London Travel Clinic. It is important to note that some travel diseases are peculiar to certain countries. The bottom line is to get to know the common diseases in your destination. When necessary precautions like getting vaccinated are taken, you can enjoy your stay abroad in sound health. Check out the top five international backpacker destinations.

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This nation has around 18,000 islands that are utterly amazing. It may be impossible to visit every one of them because of the total cost of transportation. Banda Island is famous for spices production and it’s a place where you can enjoy delicious grilled fish. Other stunning islands include Sumba Island, Ternate Island, Borneo and Java. The National Museum which is located in Jakarta, the Ubud Monkey Forest and the 9th century Buddhist temple known as Borobudur are frequently visited by tourists.


Cambodia is indeed a safe and budget friendly destination for backpackers. In addition, it is the home to the world’s cheapest hotel where you can lodge at $1 per night. Many people usually opt to buy their meals from street vendors in order to save costs. When you’re in Cambodia, endeavor to visit Angkor Wat, one of the 7 Wonders of the World. It is the largest religious monument ever constructed and has over 100 stone temples. The nation’s jungles, beautiful beaches and Phnom Penh are also worth exploring.


This country is undoubtedly the cheapest place to backpack on the Mediterranean when compared with Italy or Greece. You can enjoy all the experiences of the more expensive cities in Albania. Feeding and accommodation is really cheap.


Without mincing words, Nicaragua is the cheapest tourist location in Central America. It offers wonderful adventures to everyone including those who are on a tight budget. Backpackers can easily find their way round the nation and safety is guaranteed. While in Nicaragua, street food can be gotten for around a dollar or even less. There are different volunteering activities that gives individuals the opportunity to contribute their quota to the world. The country is full of volcanic peaks and Mayan sites that are mind blowing.

Cook Islands

The entire country is the perfect definition of beauty. There are friendly locals everywhere that will make you feel at home. Around 15 different islands that include Rarotonga and Aitutaki exist in the nation with a soothing environment. Cheap public buses and hostels are available at Rarotonga, the nation’s largest island. Travelling around the islands is via flights and cargo boats. Some of the activities that you can engage in while visiting Cook Island are sunbathing, snorkeling and hiking. Most of the accommodation providers usually organize cultural shows and this can expose tourists to another dimension of the Maori culture.

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