Top 10 Best Beaches in the World

Life’s a beach.

Today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 beaches in the world.

We’re taking a look at beaches around the world that have the ideal balance of sand Sun And H2O As ranked by TripAdvisor.

Number 10

Negril Jamaica

Beaches Negril Resort - ALL INCLUSIVE in Negril | Hotel Rates & Reviews on Orbitz

A trip to Jamaica wouldn’t be gone, without a day lounging on the Seven Mile Beach. This relaxation spot can essentially be divided into two. Two parts Bloody Bay. Which is around 2 miles and longbay. Which stretches roughly under, many moons ago this area was overrun with pirate. But you think fully won’t encounter any scurvy, Sea Dogs in this day and age. Sweeping Nirvana line with glue, cleaning sand. The ocean provides a glorious view, whether you’re walking down the beach or taking a horseback ride. Those looking to hit the waters can partake in snorkeling, scuba diving and jet skiing. You can even hop aboard a glass bottom boat. To Gander at The wonders of the deep.

Map of Negril Jamaica

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Number 9

Lion Isla Mujeres Mexico

Sea Life Discovery Plus - Swim with Dolphins in Isla Mujeres Cancun

Mexico is known for its wondrous beaches with Cancun, being a prime spot for Spring Break and summer vacation. How to figure out the country’s best beach. Wait for Jeff taking a ferry to Isla Mujeres. Renting a golf cart and driving down to Playa Norte, located on the Island’s Northern tip. Picturesque Beach is over 2000 feet of silky sand with an ocean that calls out. The swimmers, inclined to find numerous boats and Yachts lining the crystal clear water. Adding to its natural. The green demon Beach Club is the buzziest area With a bar Restaurant And sunset, that can’t be beat. With multiple luxury hotels only a short distance away, consider spending a night or two on Isla Mujeres.

Map of Lion Isla Mujeres Mexico

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Number 8

Jamaica is in the only Caribbean island with the Seven Mile Beach

The best beaches in Jamaica | Telegraph Travel

Both Caribbean travel and Life Magazine have side in Cayman Islands, 7 Mile Beach as the greatest Caribbean. Well technically measuring somewhat less than 7 miles. Blissful Beach is considered by many to be a highlight of the Cayman Islands. Where tourists can partake in snorkeling. Paddle boarding and a variety of other water Sports Poor and especially thrilling. Ocean Adventure visitors can book a diving tour to the kittywake Shipwreck site just after The coast. As for those in the mood for something a bit more tranquil. The Westin Hotels hibiscus Spa is located right on the beach. Of course The Sandy Haven has no shortage of Epic resorts to choose from.

Number 7

Sicily Italy

Sicilian and Italian: What's the difference?

What are the most secluded beaches on our list. This area is surrounded by Rocky Cliffs with a Turquoise, body of water at its core. Nestled away on the southern portion of lampedusa. Spiaggia Dei conigli is known as rabbit beach in English. Although that name is a tad. You’re unlikely to find any fluffy bunnies. But you may stumble across a loggerhead sea turtle and other rare reptiles looking to nest. Not too far away from the beach is easy, also known as Rabbit Island. Which is among the only, places in Italy where these Turtles can lay their eggs. The beach and Island have that’s been designated as a nature reserve. Tourists are still welcome to enjoy the beaches unmatched Plunder however.

Map of Sicily Italy

Sicily Map and Travel Guide | Wandering Italy

Number 6

Clearwater Beach Clearwater Florida

Things to Do in Clearwater, Florida: Attractions and Travel Guide | Southern Living

When you live somewhere as humid is Florida, there isn’t a better place to unwind thing Clearwater Beach. The Lush scenery is just one of the reasons why USA Today, Forbes and other outlets have rank. Clearwater among the best Speeches in America. Although the beach got its name from. The Clear Water washing up on the coast. The area is defined by its White Send. As a matter of fact, beach anyway host a Sugar Sand festival at Pier 60. Where attendees can construct sand sculpture actually. You could argue that everyday spend at Pier 60 is a festival Willits playground. Street performers in souvenir shop. Speaking of which the nearby Beach Walk is full of flourishing shops and restaurants.

Map of Clearwater Beach Clearwater Florida

Map of Travelodge Clearwater Beach Fl, Clearwater Beach | Clearwater beach fl, Clearwater beach, Clearwater beach florida

Number 5

Grace Bay Beach Providenciales Turks and Caicos

GRACE BAY CLUB - Updated 2020 Prices & Resort Reviews (Turks and Caicos/ Providenciales) - Tripadvisor

Located in between the bike Beach and Leeward Beach. Grace Bay is essentially the heart of Providenciales. This beach received its name from Grace Jane Hutchings. Who was married to the commissioner of the Turks and Caicos. Hugh Houston Hutchings, despite certainly lives up to its graceful name. What’s sparkling water and white sand that’s virtually spotless. For Thrill Seekers will definitely want to book a jet ski tour. Which is like a safari on the water. Parasailing is another stimulating way to get a view of the beach and all its shimmering Glory. Although it’s widely considered the main reason to visit Provo. The beach is never too crowded, with over three miles of sheer grandeur.

Map of Grace Bay Beach Providenciales Turks and Caicos

Grace Bay Beach, Providenciales | Visit Turks and Caicos Islands

Number 4

La Concha Beach San Sebastian Spain

Europe's best beach: La Concha in San Sebastian | DriveSpain

From a bird’s-eye perspective, La Concha Beach looks like a crescent moon. With waves of water eclipsing the coastline, simply gazing at this Urban Beach will leave you over. Flowing with inspiration and taking one small step onto the golden sand. Prove even more exhilarating, located at the edge of San Sebastian. This keyboard offers a tremendous view of concha Bay. The European cityscape And neighboring Green Mountain. For the best view of the beach itself. We’d recommend climbing to the summit of Mount again though, giving it cement length. La Concha is perfect for long soothing walk and also allows enough space for beachgoers to create sand art. Having been Queen Isabel II go to spot for bath therapy. This beach is literally fit for royalty.

Map of La Concha Beach San Sebastian Spain

La Concha Surf Forecast and Surf Reports (Pais Vasco, Spain)

Number 3

Eagle Beach Palm Eagle Beach Aruba

Aruba Condo The Pearl (Aruba Palm-Eagle Beach) -

Eagle Beach have the whole package. White sand that extends from miles. Water that Sparkles like a sea of Aqua diamonds And the finest hotels in Aruba conveniently close by. What really sets it apart from, some of the other beaches on this list however or the The trees. Which gives the area just the right equilibrium Of sun and shade. The beach s244t trees in Particular Aruban icons that may Make 4 popular photo ops. For the most relaxing day at the beach possible. Seeking out a cabana is the way to go. The speech isn’t just for the Mellow crowd but also energetic athletes. In addition to Watersports. The beach often attracts tennis player, send acting as an atmospheric Court.

Map of Eagle Beach Palm Eagle Beach Aruba

Aruba Beaches on the West North part

Number 2

Varadero Beach Varadero Cuba for food & travel

Varadero is one of the most visited tourist towns in Cuba. Thanks in part to its Hotel And amusement park. Above all else though People flocked about a data for its. Benedetto most notably attracted some 1.7 million visitors in 2017 alone. We can see why is this hotspot encompasses virtually everything one could want from a Caribbean Beach getaway. Christine sand A soothing sea breeze and water is coded in Aquamarine. What are your looking to surf Snorkel or Sunday. Varadero Beach provide the, definitive Cuban backdrop. Anyone who wants to get their sea legs will want to take a sailboat on to The Majestic ocean. Consider bringing fishing supplies on board for 8. Totally off the hook time, before we get to our top pick. Here are some honorable mention.

Map of Varadero Beach Varadero Cuba

Varadero Beach Tour bus map (resort part) | Varadero, Bus map, Varadero beach

Number 1

Volume to Sunshine Fernando de noronha Brazil

Fernando de Noronha - Wikipedia

We’ve all dreamed about escaping to a tropical island. Although few of us have actually acted on such an impulse. If you want to make this dream a reality or just searching for the ultimate vacation destination. Book the next flight to Fountain endogen aronia, located offshore from Brazil this island is home to numerous Beach. But none are quite as captivating as biodesign, surrounded by green trees and steep cliffs. This beach is Paradise in Kearney, well access may be limited anyone lucky enough to spend a day basking Under the Sun on baia do Sancho will know. Not only walk away feeling reinvigorated, but forever charge. As if this marvelous place left internal footprints on the Sandy Shoreline that is your soul.

Map of Volume to Sunshine Fernando de noronha Brazil

Fernando de Noronha - Wikiwand

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