Travel Advice And Advisories For Puerto Vallarta

Locking up

For your peace of mind more than anything else, define a routine for closing the house while you are away. You already know that you have to cancel the milk, cut the grass, arrange for deliverieto be made before you go, etc. but look beyond that.

You don’t want to get to the airport or be sitting in the AndeMountainworrying about household security. Think of the stresyou would suffer if you couldn’t quite remember if you had turned off the kitchen tap when you had a glasof water before you left, or if anyone ever actually shut the back door when Uncle George arrived to take you to the airport.

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Define a procedure, list or method that will take you from room to room, to secure the house, switch on the electric timerthat will operate lightand the radio, close the bedroom windows, lock the side gate, etc.

If you do that, and then follow that procedure or list in good time before your transport arrives, you should be able to avoid those nagging worrieand enjoy your holiday.

Locking up – countermeasures

Pay particular attention to securing the house when you are leaving for more than a few hours, particularly when going on holiday.

If a relation will be visiting the house and they will actually have accesto the building, make sure that they know how to secure the house properly. Show them how to lock up, especially if there ia knack to locking the patio door!

Be careful with your caseand bags, especially any bag that hayour tickets, passportand money in it. It inot unusual for travellerto arrive at the airport and only notice that a bag imissing when they go to check in for the flight. Only then do they realise that they left that bag on the bus, on the train or maybe it wastolen when that group of people started fighting at the bustation!

When you get to the airport, for a fee some airportwill shrink-wrap your luggage in clear plastic. Thihelpprotect your luggage from damage, water and theft!

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