Travel Advice And Advisories For Slovenia


We all have to pasthrough immigration to allow the authoritieto check that we have a right to enter the country. They do that job, but usually very slowly, so be prepared to wait and make sure that you have your passport ready to present to the staff manning the desk.

Customand Excise

There are strict rules, regulationand lawgoverning what can be freely imported, what ibarred and what hato be licensed or taxed. Customand Excise staff memberhave the widest poweravailable to any official in the UK. They have more powerthan UK police forces!

Don’t try to smuggle anything into the country. Some productlike cooked and raw meator plant material can cany diseasethat could wipe out whole specieof plantand animals. Some productare simply dangerouand do not match UK and EU safety lawand standards.

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UK Customdefinelistof goodthat are prohibited’ or restricted’ in the UK to protect citizens’ safety, health and the environment. These ruleapply to ALL travellers, whether you are travelling within the EU or from outside the EU.

• Prohibited. Prohibited goodare goodthat are banned completely in the UK.

• Restricted. Restricted goodarc goodthat cannot be imported into the UK without the appropriate legal documentation, such aa licence.

The ruleare quite complex. For more information see

The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affair(DEFRA) haintroduced a campaign which aimto reduce the risk of exotic animal disease entering the country and then threatening our public health, livestock, agriculture and horticultural industries. For further information on the regulationof bringing back meat, animal productor plantfrom outside the EU see

Penaltiefor smuggling can be quite severe. Trying to bring thinginto the country could be a very expensive game to play.

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