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Imagine living life at the pace of the seasonal water flow of the may khong river the mother of waters aside from the periodic flooding the flow here is slow, and peaceful can this pace endure farmers from the interior joined fishermen from the make on river at the daily morning markets here the essential components of a typical wow asian Neil can be purchased along with other delicacies left my car true. I love to see when they do interact with the local people before.

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I can’t grow anything like that in Minneapolis no the mekong river flows, miles to China Burma Laos Thailand Cambodia, and Vietnam in Laos the macaque is a major transit route with boats ferrying goods, and people from phu SI in the north to bomb pro ball, and ken, and beyond during the rainy season roads are often impossible making the river route the only option well it was extraordinary.

I thought that the day, and the life that was done was probably one of the best organized that my wife and I have been on Laos is truly an ancient kingdom one that is now advancing to join hands with the rest of the global community oats mission to help in the world came through strong more strongly today than it ever has and I think it is getting broader, and more involved in that is wonderful, and here, it’s just beautiful they take care of everybody that’s a lot to be said for Humanity.

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