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According to Jules Verne Iceland marks the entry point to the center of the earth we see waterfalls beautiful mountains with snow capped.

We’ve been on a whale-watching trip which was very interesting saw several types of whales experience the old world firmly embedded within the noon in the capital city of Reykjavik the urban heart of Iceland, and it was an environment that I’d never been to before is European yes for its Arctic or Antarctic everyone over there from that viewpoint to me it was going to be different therefore I’d like to see it Jules Verne writes my over-excitement was beyond all description what excitements await you according to traditional folklore the lava formations of dhimmi bourgie are all that remains of the large ugly, and mean Icelandic trolls that lived here when exposed to sunlight after a night of dancing they turned to stone see the guy with a nose sticking up on a clip the nose sticks out that must be a troll petrified trouble. I’m quite sure my parents took me a lotta wrong, and we have a picnic basket, and the remedy is narrow path we play around the caves, and a bit then it was sometimes, and then hiking down again six sack and This is formed, years ago in some very few days formed all the pseudo creatures, and all the things you have been seeing today in the north of Iceland not far from cross la volcano sits Lake Nevada this lake was created by a large eruption of basaltic lava years ago the landscape is dominated by volcanic landforms, and the surrounding wetlands are exceptionally rich with water birds especially ducks the sulfur pits were a bit more extensive than. I had expected, and the blow holes that we saw were what should.

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I say more dramatic than. I expected, and the bubbling of the sulfur pool interesting to see Iceland sits directly on top of the mid-atlantic ridge this heat comes from the birthing edge of two tectonic plates one heading west to North America the other heading east to Europe. So these are the ovens geothermal cooking Icelandic thunder bread steamed ride bread or rubrics.

This is where they bake the bread each farmer has one of these hours in this day but is a test of around boiling temperature, and in the morning the bread is ready, and absolutely wonderful with butter, and loads of cheese or something the bread is very similar in consistency to Boston brown bread we had a beautiful day this rushing water over these lava flows we have a dark background, and white rushing water, and it was almost a quick show, and we’re down into a canyon that went on down to the lake, and it really was outstanding we’re going whale watching and I think we’re going to be really cold put my leg into the arm about anything here we are in Iceland was my first whale-watching trip ever excited hopefully we can see something we saw the blue whale the humpback whale, and the monkey whale the blue whale is rarely seen in this area although it usually summers here. How come the guide said it was only the third time that he had seen the blue whale, and he’s taken many many whale watching trip. So it it was unique, and it was a wonderful experience for us iceland’s impressive geysers Waterfalls Springs, and volcanoes are all part of what makes this land. So inspiring to writers, and all we visit.

I know a little bit about Iceland before coming but not that much but. I feel. I know a lot more about Iceland at this point what life chapter will do right here in Iceland you.

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