Top 10 Street Foods for 2021

These are the cheap eats and quick bites that we dream about. Top ten St Foods we miss. For this list, we’re looking at some of the tastiest bites of street food from around the world that we can’t help but fantasize about when we’re unable to travel. Whether you are a frequent flyer and foodie who is similarly missing, international chief eats, or an adventurous eater who longs to sample local bites. This one’s for you.

10 Jerk Chicken

top 10 street foods for 2021


This distinctly seasoned Jamaican delight will always have you coming back for seconds and thirds. Jerk chicken gets its unique flavor profile from its rub or sauce, which typically includes fiery Scotch bonnet Peppers, ginger and allspice berries. Other common ingredients include garlic, thyme, brown sugar and scallions. The end result is beautifully black and smoky chicken that’s absolutely bursting with flavor. Often served with peas and rice, the chicken being cooked over fresh coals. Is essential to making the perfect jerk chicken. Thankfully, the popularity of this street food is such that it can be found pretty readily all throughout the Caribbean as well as the United States and beyond.

9 Puts In A Regional Dish From The Canadian

top 10 street foods for 2021 1

Province of Quebec. Putsin might sound simple, but the end result is far greater than the sum of its parts. The casket is a humble staple of the Quebec culinary scene offering up hot dogs, burgers, fries, and puts in all day and well into the night. But it’s the last dish on that list. That’s the starring attraction. French fries come right out of the fryer and are promptly topped with squeaky unripened cheddar cheese, curds and brown gravy. The dish only dates back to the 1950s, but it’s become iconic of the province, and some would argue Canada as a whole. Part of the fun of Putsin is that there are countless variations in Montreal and other local staples. Smoked meat can often be added as a premium topping, but honestly, you cannot beat the classic.

8 Takoyaki These Seafood Balls Might Make

top 10 street foods for 2021 2

For a challenging flavor and textural combination for some Western palates, but once you acquire a taste for them, nothing else will be able to fill that hunger void. Roughly, the size and shape of a golf ball. Falco Yaki is perhaps best described as an octopus fritter. The weed based batter is cooked in a special pan made up of half spherical molds, not unlike a muffin tray. At the center of these savory little bundles of joy is a mixture of minced octopus, green onions or scallions pickled ginger. And bits of tempura. The balls are topped with a sweet tangy brown sauce and or Mayo bonito flakes and green seaweed. Osaka is widely credited as the birth place of Takoyaki and remains one of the best places to try it for yourself.

7 Fish And Chips

top 10 street foods for 2021 3

This is a dish that can be enjoyed around the world, but nowhere is it more omnipresent than the United Kingdom among England’s most iconic plates of food, fish and chips has been remixed, elevated and made into a staple of many restaurants. But it also remains true to its roots as a humble street food dating back to the mid 19th century. Fried whitefish usually caught or haddock was paired with chips. The British term for French fries and served in a newspaper to be consumed on the go. And really, this simple preparation remains one of the best ways to enjoy the dish, though today they often use parchment paper or another food grade alternative for sanitary reasons, fun fact fish and chips is such a staple that during both World War One and World War Two it. It’s one of the few foods to not be rationed.

6 Arepas Native Corn Flour Or Maze

top 10 street foods for 2021 4

These South American flat breads are incredibly versatile, making them the perfect meal on the go that you’re unlikely to ever get bored of. Seriously, there’s so much variation in the way they can be cooked and prepared that in Venezuela or Colombia you could eat one a day for a month without ever feeling like you’re eating a repeat meal. Arepas can be fried or steamed, but are most commonly grilled. Some people enjoy them plain. Or as assigned to a full meal, but as a street food, they’re typically top or stuffed with a wide range of meats, cheeses and or vegetables. Some vendors cook them with a filling, while others will invite you to dress the arepa for yourself like a sandwich. The cultural importance of Arab can’t be understated. It dates back to Pre Columbian times.

5 Clip While We’re On The Subject Of Versatile St Foods

top 10 street foods for 2021 5

How about this time honored French classic. Small streetside food carts, and peppery can be found. All throughout Paris and most major French cities. Unlike American style pancakes, crepes are paper thin and rather than having additional ingredients added to the batter, they’re topped with them accep, sucre or sweet. That preparation will often simply be coated in butter and sugar, but can equally be decked out with everything from lemon juice and various fruits to Nutella, custard and jam. When you venture into the realm of Clips, Alley meaning a savory clip, you’re opening up an entire new world of clip preparations to enjoy. Ham and cheese. Brie and asparagus, ratatouille. Sauteed mushrooms the Sky’s the limit with pep. Thankfully, it can also be found, though less readily available as a street food throughout Western Europe and the Americas.

4 Bangumi Inexpensive

Flavorful and filling bang may really checks all the boxes anyone looks for in quality. Cheap eats. Of course. Most crucially, it’s widely available on seemingly every major street corner, at least in its native Vietnam. This sandwich consists of thin crust but puffy baguette into which is added any number of thinly sliced meats, including pork belly and chicken and a variety of spicy and tangy sauce, is the meat or sometimes tofu is topped with cucumber as well as pickled radish and carrots. What really makes this sandwich pop, however, is the inclusion of a hearty dose of fresh cilantro, which, paired with the pickled veggies, gives this a freshness rarely found in sandwiches. Interestingly enough, while **** Knee is considered one of Vietnam. Greatest culinary exports. It only came to be when the French introduced the Vietnamese to baguette in the 19th century.

3 Falafel It Might Not Look Like Much

But falafel is like so many St Foods, far more exciting of a dish than its humble appearance would suggest. Many a nation in the Middle East claims to have invented falafel and the heated debate that surrounds it is a testament to its influence, omnipresence and deliciousness. Not only is it a perfect protein bomb, but it’s flavorful and extremely satisfying in terms of texture. A crusty outer shell gives way to a wonderfully soft interior of crushed chickpeas or fava beans. As for the flavor, a blend of cumin, coriander, paprika, garlic, parsley, and onion ensure that every bite sings. Of course, part of the appeal of Falafel is its place in larger preparations. It’s great eaten by itself, especially when dipped in tahini, but it shines brightest as the star of a wrap or pita sandwich.

2 Satai How Can You Go

Wrong with marinated meat on a stick? It’s arguably one of the most rudimentary and straightforward dishes on our list today, but it more than earns its place of prominence. Santee is generally regarded as having originated in Indonesia, but it’s popular all throughout Southeast Asia with each country, city, and region putting their own spin on it. The meats used include chicken, goat, pork, beef, tofu, fish, and more. The commonality that unites them all, a bamboo skewer through the center and the fact that sate is grilled to charred perfection over a charcoal. Or would fire dipping sauces tend to vary depending on where you’re eating your sate, but a peanut soy sauce is a staple while satay is our preferred skewered street food. Many cultures have their own version of this dish, shish kabob, yakitori, sasati, shashlik, we miss all of the above.

1 Tacos We Wouldn’t Go So Far As To Call Tacos The Perfect Food

But they’re certainly in the running and within the subcategory of St Foods. They undeniably reignsupreme.Conveniently designed to be easy to eat on the go, this dish hailing from Mexico, has rightfully become something of a street food staple across not only its country of origin, but Canada and the United States as well. And then there are Korean tacos. Hardshells might be more common in the grocery store, but street food stalls typically deal. In the traditional soft shell corn tortilla variety, which is definitely easier to eat with your hands, part of what makes Taco so appealing is the sheer variety of fillings with every Taco stand doing them a little differently. Whether with beans and cheese or with carne asada, call jeanetta Pebble chorizo pescado or pork and pineapple. The ever popular tacos al pastor. The lure of street food tacos is reason enough to start planning a trip.

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