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As conduits of people goods armies art, and ideas rivers are the lifeblood of Europe join us along the greatest of these water waves the Rhine mine, and Danube, and celebrate the beauty history, and culture that is inspirational now as it was a thousand years ago the best way to fully absorb this wealth of Wonders is aboard a private Grand Circle River ship yolan pack only once as your ship transports you through a myriad of fairytale landscapes, and historic cities, and enjoy the camaraderie, and convenience of river cruising you can improve the value, and make the most of your airfare with optional trip extensions visit Bruges Belgium explore historic Prague Czech Republic, and delve deeper into Vienna Austria from your hometown.

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You’ll set out on a journey of discovery fly to Amsterdam we’ll be bored our private ship, and set sail through the Netherlands Germany, and Austria. You’ll stop at historic Cologne, and Koblenz in Germany continuing on to the main river visiting fairytale cities like Heidelberg ver time verts Borg, and more we see beautiful unesco world heritage sites like bamberg, and nuremberg, and eventually crossed the mined Danube canal to follow the Danube to Austrian milk, and Vienna on this journey. You’ll delve into European history, and culture witness Amsterdam’s intricate year old canal network on a small boat tour sailing past charming neighborhoods of narrow Dutch homes follow the Rhine passed historic castles vineyards, and medieval centers of learning, and discover the legacy of the Habsburg dynasty on a tour of Vienna including the neoclassical architecture of the Ring Strasse today we’ll be sailing through castle stretches tomorrow we’ll be going through seeing mountains on either sides, and forested areas together with beautiful towels with cathedrals with historical half dermatologists, and it really is a pleasure to show that, and create the enthusiasm create the love for it, and that people can really see all the gems that we have here in Germany custom-built for Grand Circle with our travelers needs in mind your private river ship features all outside cabins each one features a private bath with shower, and a TV direct dial telephone, and individual heating, and air conditioning while in Europe.

You’ll dine on freshly prepared regionally inspired meals your program director will give you insight on personal favorites, and local specialties, and all of your meals from buffet breakfasts to sit-down lunches, and dinners with complimentary wine at dinner are included onboard, it’s excellent uh the staff as goes out of their way to take care of you just. I love the wine at dinner included the the maitre d is right there taking care of everyone here needs, it’s couldn’t ask for more first ship you can experience even more with optional tours discover Austria’s melk abbey a colorful Benedictine monastery whose sprawling library is an impressive repository of medieval knowledge, and keep the discoveries going by adding optional extensions to your trip for example you can visit Bruges Belgium explore the city’s busy market squares quaint neighborhoods, and circle of canals, and to light in Belgium’s fantastic culinary treats from chocolate to beer to waffles freaked, and more call today to experience the great rivers of Europe at a value no one can beat.

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