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Hi guys welcome back to my blog. So as you might know for the past two months I have been solo traveling all around Egypt, and just basically having the most epic amazing time there. So today I wanted to make a post kind of about the cost of traveling Egypt just for reference right now as of the time it’s posting this post the exchange rate between the US dollar, and the Egyptian pound is this right here the first price that you’re probably going to look into is the cost of accommodation in Egypt, and obviously depending on where you want to stay ranges for hotel prices can be pretty wide they can be super cheap or super expensive depending on what you’re going to booked.

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So in this post I am going to be talking about what I personally spent, and kind of going mostly off of that to give you the average cost of a hotel per night in Egypt is pretty easy. Because pretty much everywhere I went I spent about ten dollars a night on hotels, and you know sometimes there would be a little bit more or sometimes a little bit less. But we’re still talking about the eight to twelve dollar range per night. So $10 a night was pretty much the staple I found I don’t stay in 5-star luxury resorts. So that’s not what we’re talking about here. But then again, I’m not just trying to stay at the cheapest cheapest place possible that’s you know like falling apart on my head or something no these were all very nice comfortable places for ten dollars a night what I would get was a room to myself. So a private room, and it would have a shared bathroom shared kitchen, and also while, I’m on the topic of hotels I want to tell you just a little bit about my two favorite hotels in Egypt I am NOT sponsored by these places I genuinely just stayed there, and absolutely absolutely loved them they’re two of my favorite places in the whole world probably to stay.

So I figured I would tell you guys one of them would be Bob Marley house in Luxor it is just this super artistic place it’s almost like a quirky little Museum inside all this art covering all of the walls a lot of decorations centered around for some reason they have a big fluffy white cat that will just come, and sit on you, and the people there are so nice really great I loved it there $10 a night, and then my number one favorite hotel actually this is definitely one of the best places that I have ever stayed in my life would be pyramids loft in Giza it has this beautiful view overlooking the pyramids. So I would wake up, and just come onto the rooftop which is also beautifully decorated with art it’s just this amazingly epic view of the pyramids the rooftop is amazing, and at night everybody just comes up there, and watches the light show of the pyramids, and talks, and hangs out I cannot say enough good things about this place again not sponsored I just love that place. So much. So the first cost that you’re actually going to have in Egypt itself is going to be the price of your visa, and as an American citizen I myself paid $25 for a visa on arrival visa on arrival means you don’t have to worry about sending in any sort of forms or filling out anything online just don’t worry about it just take your flight as soon as you land you’re gonna have to go to a little window, and then you get the stamp in your passport for your visa it’s pretty much just like any other immigration area where you have to get a stamp just one little extra step however I will say that it is very strange. But they need they really really want you to have US dollars for that visa fee when you enter the airport. So if you’re coming with other types of currencies others in dollars or Euros you’re out of luck which is what happened to me. Because I had Chinese currency was coming from China.

But I took out Egyptian currency Egyptian pounds from the ATM, and the crazy thing was that they wouldn’t even accept that. So even if you’re coming into the country already having traded your cash into Egyptian currency they’re not gonna take it they actually told me that I needed to give them US dollars for my visa, and I said well I don’t have US Dollars can I please give you the currency of your own country no they could not do it just make things a lot you fear for yourself, and have things in US dollars or Euros already prepared okay. So of course when you go to Egypt you are going to want to go to all of these amazing sights, and things to do there’s the pyramids there’s temples there’s all sorts of adventures that you can have, and how much of those can cost well of course it’s not a one number answer. Because there are so many different things. But in general if you’re going into temples or monuments or things like that any sort of historical site pyramids then in general the tickets are going to be fifty to a hundred Egyptian pounds I will put the dollars here besides going to all of these historic sites which are amazing, and some of the best that I have ever seen anywhere in the world besides that though there are a ton of adventures to do in Egypt just every day is going to be epic, and at least for me that’s what I felt like it was just all of these adventures always happening most of the tours, and things that you can go on excursions expeditions adventures explorations are gonna be pretty affordable, I’ll just give you some examples that I personally spent, and you can kind of figure out what things are gonna cost from there. So for example when I went on an outing to the Blue Hole snorkeling it was a few hours worth of snorkeling, and that was only five dollars. So that was awesome that was probably one of the cheaper things that I did one of them were expensive things that I did would be that I went on an overnight trip to the white desert, and that was actually a hundred dollars.

But when you factor in everything it’s two days you camp overnight they get you all of the camping gear they give you lunch dinner in the desert breakfast, and lunch again the next day. So for a really really nice meals you have a guide you have a driver, and you’re going sand bashing in this really cool Safari type of car for all of that I think that the price is really fair when you are going on all of these adventures in Egypt a lot of the time you are going to want to have a guide I did a lot of both I did a lot of just going on my own, and seeing things without a guide, and I also did quite a lot of going with a guide it is just going to make things a lot easier in especially these super touristy sites where everybody is trying to haggle you, and ask you if you want to ride a camel or buy their water bottles every two seconds, and if you have a guide with you, and they’re not gonna bother you, and also these guys know the stories of the place for example going into the museum I would not recommend going without a guide. Because there’s not really any sort of signs, and explanations on anything. So you’re just walking through kind of this treasure trove of stories, and history, and you’re not gonna be able to see any of them of course if you’re getting a guide then you do have to pay for their time I know that for example if you want a tour of the pyramids with a professional guide then it costs you $30, and that’s the price including the guide the tour of the pyramids a camel ride for like an hour, and the entrance ticket here’s another example when I went on a desert safari car through the Sahara Desert it was 700 Egyptian not included a couple hours of driving, and adventuring in the desert hopefully me giving you kind of this assortment of prices of what I paid for tours will help you in kind of ascertaining what tours are going to cost another cost you’re gonna have in Egypt that you might be wondering about is the price of food well to put it simply the price of food in Egypt is just cheap I’d say that on average you could sit down at a restaurant, and pay maybe 30 to 50 pounds for a meal probably that’s generally what I paid maybe like 25 30 40 that’s for sitting down at just a normal restaurant in not the most touristy area. So super touristy areas are going to be higher in price or if the restaurant is really nice, and more catered to tourists, and foreigners then it will be a little bit more expensive. But if you are paying at a normal restaurant anyway not like an expensive restaurant if you’re paying more than 100 or 150 for your meal then something’s it’s it’s expensive there was this awesome place in Kisa that sold falafel sandwiches which by the way you have to try them they are the best they sold falafel sandwiches for two Egyptian pounds, and that is like 10 cents it’s literally 11 cents. So that’s how cheap things can be it is definitely pretty easy to find meals for under a dollar, and then while you’re in Egypt you are going to want to know how to get around I would recommend that whenever you can you take an uber instead of taxi not only are they cheaper.

But I just feel like they’re more reliable, and safe I was in Egypt for a while. So I kind of know about all of the scams that the taxi driver guys have, and that they will try, and like throw in their little tricks on you to get you to pay more money, and they have a lot of them for an hour’s drive I would pay about 50 to 75 Egyptian, and then I would normally give the driver a little tip as well. But 50 pounds for an hour drive is obviously very cheap. So that can kind of give you a reference for the prices of taxis, and everything if you’re looking to just go a short way then you can always use tuk tuks – I absolutely love taking tuk tuks I get. So excited when I find countries that they have them. Because I just always seem to have the most fun amazing time driving in tuk tuks they are awesome if you haven’t taken one I really recommend you try it just for a little five-minute quick trip across the town maybe they’re super cheap I actually sadly cannot even remember how much they were. But generally I would just take maybe like five minute rides or ten minute rides, and I remember that it was so cheap that I would count it as basically being free. So I don’t know maybe it’s ten pounds or something like that. But then aside from just getting around town or to the other side of the city if you’re in Egypt you are going to want to go to others, and areas as well or at least I hope you do. So for me there were never any I never took any flights I know people that did. But I just always preferred to take trains or buses. Because I actually love long train rides, and seeing the countryside go by out the window. So I never took flights within Egypt.

But I know that a lot of people take the flight from Cairo to Luxor, and I do know the price quite well because. So many my friends did it it’s gonna be around fifty to a hundred dollars. So maybe seventy five dollars. So if you don’t have as much time, and you want to take a flight then that’s a good one to take. Because it gets you kind of down south, and maybe from Luxor you can take a train to Aswan or something like that while I was in Egypt I took a ton of buses, and trains I took night trains I took overnight buses I took short buses I took long trains they are actually pretty good they’re generally pretty clean, and comfortable sometimes they do have a bit of a problem with being completely on time. So maybe if you have something booked like right after your train gets in then be aware of that that there might be a little bit of a delay buses are cheaper than trains. But trains are still super super affordable.

So I took a really really long trip all the way from cairo to aswan that is a really long train ride maybe like 12 hours, and it was 235 Egyptian pounds that’s for a first-class ticket as well if you want to compare the prices of a journey on a bus that’s a similar length I paid 150 for a bus trip that was about the same distance another thing that you could do if you have time is to take a felucca cruise on the nile I didn’t do a more long-term one. But I really wish that I had when I was in Egypt I kind of forgot about it I don’t even know how I ended up missing out on this. But please go do it tell me how it is I don’t have a price to tell you unfortunately. Because I didn’t do this myself. So just go, and do some research, and be aware that that is another way for you to get to your next destination in Egypt another thing to keep in mind is that Egypt is a country we you’re gonna be expected to tip for a lot of things. So how much should you be tipping well besides it obviously depending on the cost of what you’ve just spent or done normally I would tip people about fifty pounds sometimes I would tip them 25 sometimes I would tip them more than fifty. But to tip anyone a hundred dollar bill would be probably for anything that I can think of anyway a very very very very generous tip.

So fifty is good it’s already a good tip for you to give somebody fifty in most cases it is considered just polite, and respectful to give them a little something for their time which i think is completely fair well guys that is it for the cost of traveling Egypt if I missed anything then just let me know down in the comments or if you have a specific question for me then just toss me in the comments I will try, and answer all of you guys as best as I can, and yeah I hope that you enjoyed this post I hope that you enjoy your trip to Egypt it is amazing there I am so excited for you thanks for reading see you next time in Egypt bye.

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