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Kaupanger ferry station on the Sognefjord (Lindstrom Turisthotell, 152 Offerdal Pensjonat, 80 b.), with a number of old houses, including the Hanseatic House. Road from the Laerdal to Floro. The only roads of any consequence in the Sognefjord are the E68 from Valdres ( 282) and its continuation, No. 5. From the fork in the road beyond (J)ye (283), E68 runs past the Otrevatn and through the Smeddal, via Boraug, to the Laerdal.

Borgund (alt. 345 m 1130 ft) has a small stave church, black with pitch, the best preserved in the country. It was probably built around 1150, and first appears in the records in 1360. Apart from one newer window, it has been carefully restored to its original form. Both of its doorways are richly decorated, and the W doorway has a runic inscription which gave valuable help in dating the church. The belfry, between the old and the new church, was restored about 1660 in its original form. (Photograph, p. 39). The road now runs through the picturesque Svartegjelgorge, carved by the Laedalselv (good salmon-fishing), through the rock barrier of the Vindhella. Beyond Husum (alt. 316 m (1037 ft)) it passes through another magnificent gorge.

Lasrdalsoyri: see above.

The road continues along the S side ofthe Lasrdalsfjord. Between Revsnes and Kaupanger, the Sognefjord is crossed by ferry.

Sogndal (Hofslund Fjordhotell, 100 Park Minitell, 50 Loftesnes Pensjonat, 15 youth hostel) lies at the N end ofthe Sogndalsfjord. It has an interesting runic stone (c. 1100) and a number of burial mounds. The road now follows the N side of the Sognefjord to Hermansverk, Leikanger and Hella, from which there is a ferry to Balestrand (above). It then turns N, following the W side of the Vetlefjord, to Forde, primary town in the Sunnfjord area, located at the end of the Fordefjord (Sunnfjord Hotell, 230 SP, SB; Forde Hotell, 144 camp site), and Floro (pop. 5000; Victoria Hotell, 1 50 b.), a port and industrial town, in a charming setting on the island of Brandsoy (bridge).

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