The Brno Castle took its name from the market spot on the nearby Svratka-Furt and was only first mentioned in 1091. Handicraft and trade activities grew quickly and freedom of the city was bestowed in 1243. It was already the stage for social unrest in the 15th and 16th centuries. In the confusion of the Thirty Years War (17th century) Brno made great opposition to the armies crossing Europe. The city developed into an industrial center in the 18 th century and in the next century it suffered further social disturbances. With the founding of the Czechoslovakian Republic in 1918 Brno became the center of the political, economic and cultural life of Moravia.

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I could feel the drag of the water pulling at me, but I held on tight until it passed. We came off the deck after half an hour, soaked and bruised and shocked. Now, who could say that wasn’t fun? asked the mate. He even smiled. Write up the temperature blog and knock off for the afternoon, lads He went off for his afternoon snooze. We went to our cabins to dry. On the third day I was given the task of holystoning the wooden decks outside the captain’s cabin, where he perambulated in the afternoon. Holystoning involved covering the deck with sand, soaking it with water, and then pushing a heavy cement block in a frame attached to a pole backwards and forwards, so as to clean and scrape the wooden decking. It was backbreakingly hard work and I was mulling over whether I would in fact rather be hosing out the toilets when someone spoke behind me. Rotten job, isn’t it just? A soft voice, a Scottish voice.

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