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The dining room was almost empty and although many more Chinese Guiyang Metro Map came after us, the waitresses ignored us and gave food to everyone else. When I’m Guiyang Metro Map hungry I get bad-tempered. Perhaps the staff hadn’t understood our orders and had been afraid to lose face by bringing the wrong thing, but it happened frequently that Europeans were last to be served. I wondered if it’s done to show us that although we are now foreign friends’ we’re still second-class world citizens, formerly barbarians. So I tried to keep my temper, went into the kitchen, pointed at what I wanted to eat, and waited there until a dish was provided. Ellen made me laugh (in a friendly, not malicious way) because she seemed never contented, and even when surrounded by fantastic frescoes she yearned to see a close-up view of the ceiling.

For some, this is where the story of the Crouch murders ends. For us, it is the beginning.

Where this story will take us is a multi-site paranormal investigation beginning at the graves of Jacob Crouch and Susan Holcomb at Reynolds Cemetery. The next stop would be St. John’s and Woodland Cemeteries, where Eunice and Henry White and Judd Crouch were buried. The investigation would wrap up with a hunt at the scene of the murders, the old Jacob Crouch farm. Would we be able to collect audio, video or photographic evidence that might provide answers to these unsolved murders?

Our fascination with this case began with Jeff Westover, a colleague who also happens to be an incredible photographer and author of a soon-to-be released book, “Ghost Highways” His unique book will be a fascinating compilation of experimental photography focused on historical places, some of which are said to be haunted.

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