Travel to Maryland

Travel to Maryland


53,000 acres. Located in the mountainous northwestern part of the state, Savage River is Maryland’s largest state forest. Included here is a wildernesslike area, the 3,000-acre Big Savage Mountain Wildland.

There are numerous streams, a couple of rivers, and a 350-acre reservoir. Common trees are oak and hickory, maple and cherry, with some pine and hemlock. Black bear, deer, and bobcat are among the wildlife.

Activities: The forest has about 28 miles of trails for backpacking and hiking, including the 17-mile Big Savage Mountain Trail. Mountain biking is currently allowed on all trails. Cross-country skiing is possible during the winter. The rivers offer good canoeing, and fishing is available. Hunting is permitted in season.

Camping Regulations: There are several designated camping areas. Camping is also allowed along some of the trails, with the requirement that campsites be at least 200 feet from the trail and all water sources. A free camping permit is required, and may be obtained from the forest office.

For Further Information: Savage River State Forest, Route 2, Box A63, Grantsville, MD 21536; (301)895-5759.

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