Traveling to or from Asia? 5 money exchange tips to remember

Are you traveling to Asia? Then, be sure about getting a glimpse of some of the most beautiful lands, magnificent architecture and what not! But, there exists a somewhat complex other side of the coin’ as well. And, that is nothing but the hassle that travelers have to face when it comes to exchanging the currencies.

Obviously, there are a handful of currency exchanging options available for the voyagers who are either traveling to or from Asia. But, people still get perplexing thoughts about the same and often lose huge bucks in terms of bank fees and commissions.

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There are many options to exchange money in Asia starting from ATMs to banks. Moreover, if someone is interested to carry bytecoins during their travel then recently an astounding web-wallet has been launched for them. It is completely a new technology and makes the whole currency-exchange scenario a fast and easy one.

But, still, if you don’t take the specific and right strides while exchanging your money then you will definitely end up in a mess!

So, I am here with a run-down of some of the most effective and strategic tips that will definitely make your money-exchange process an extremely convenient one. And, thus you will be able to only enjoy the trip without any troublesome thought nagging you all the time!

Just have a look!

1. Google Out The Currency Rates:

To know how much money you should carry while traveling to a different continent from Asia is quite important. And, for that, you should know the concerned currency rates. So, you must for formatting a special search on Google and then you will be able to receive quick and up-to-date currency rates for the country.

Just make sure that you have a crystal clear idea about the official abbreviation of each type of currency.

For example, if you want to check out how many Thai baht is equal to one US dollar then you should type in somewhat like 1 USD in THB. It has been always noticed that considering the acronyms instead of the full names is more accurate.

So, in case, you don’t have an idea about the popular currency initials then a list of some of the most popular ones is mentioned underneath:

USD- US Dollar

EUR- Euro

GBP- British Pound

CAD- Canadian Dollar etc.

Also, you can check out the Google Finance to take a glimpse of abbreviations for various other types of currencies.

2. Don’t Trust Solely on ATMs:

To use ATMs is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get an access to the local currencies in comparison to exchanging the same in banks. But, it doesn’t prove to be great always!

For instance, imagine yourself in an island or any remote location of Asia. In such a scenario, aren’t there chances that the ATMs might go down sometimes? Also, the exorbitant bank fees make actual currencies a better option!

Moreover, in the countries like Thailand, ATMs charge an extra amount of $ 5- $ 6 per transaction on top of the normal amount that your bank charges for every international withdrawal.

So, never rely exclusively on only ATMs when it comes to accessing your travel funds. Instead, always ensure that you are keeping some cash away for emergency situations or keep in contact with trust worthy finance companies at discounted fee.

3. Exchange at Airports:

To exchange your money immediately when you get down at the airport can be really a great idea! It’s because there is a splendid chance that you will get far better exchange rates over there then the third-party exchange booths or banks. Moreover, an airport is counted to be one of the most authenticated places for money-exchange.

But, make sure that you are carrying a small sum of exchanged bucks at least for emergency purposes before you board the flight from your home country.

4. Avoid Exchanging in Public Places:

You should be always keenly concerned about exchanging your money before traveling to Asia. Rather, you should not be even a little bit reluctant about the same. And, thus, you ought to never opt for exchanging money near any tourist spot. Also, you should never exchange money near the borders; it is always a risky prospect.

You might find many window counters which are advertising better exchange rates than what you find in the banks. But, in such a situation, there is a potential chance of a scam.

5. Count Your Money Properly

When it comes to exchanging money at banks then the first thing that comes to your mind is nothing but the tiring long queues!! Right? And, especially, if you are traveling in the perfect holiday seasons then the rush remains more.

But, this should not be a reason for you to just grab the bundle of cash from the cashier in the bank and rush off! Rather, you should count properly even if people are standing behind you. Also, don’t forget to carry a portable calculator or use your mobile to count the money before leaving the bank.
In fact, the bank officials are also humans like you and me! So, they might sometimes make a mistake while counting but at that point of time you should be able to correct him. It’s because if there remains any error then the person who has to go through the troublesome circumstances will be none other than you and only you!

Lastly, I would wrap up with one simple advice for you. And, that is if you are planning a vacation to Asia then just keep these tricks in your mind with respect to money exchange. Thus, you will be able to fly back with only sweet memories of your holiday and nothing else!

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