Traveling? Know Why an E-Cig is The Perfect Travel Mate

Do you miss the stimulating and relaxing effect of your favorite puff of smoke whenever you are on the go? Well, you are not alone! There are various among us who just cannot live without smoking, and frustrating as it may be you cannot really complain. Not many people should be bothered by the amount of tar you heap upon your poor lungs while smoking but the odorous smoke you spread all around you is off limits.

Next time when you are planning a trip, try considering a remedy to your unfulfilled desire of a puff instead of feeling sorry. Whether or not you are much aware of an E-Cig, one thing that you should know is e-cigs are the solution.

Vaping Is The New Smoking

Efforts had engaged and discoveries had been made since the first half of the twentieth century to create an electronic smoking experience. The history of electronic cigarettes moves through some interesting developments and it stamps its true effect after the commercialization of E-Cigs and E-liquids in China in 2004, thanks to Mr. Hon Lik who developed the modern day E-Cig in Beijing in 2003 as a substitute of the traditional cigarette to help himself quit smoking.

An E-Cig rids your surroundings of the odorous smoke and most of its harmful effects while letting you enjoy your nicotine dose with whatever flavors of E-liquids you wish, and of course, you get to inhale the vapor. You are no longer a smoker but a Vaper. The word vape’ which was named the Oxford dictionaries word of the year in 2014, says enough about how people around the globe have welcomed the new way of having a puff; You could be next if you already have not.

Why Use E-Cigs?

Once you get yourself accustomed with the usage of E-Cigs and start enjoying the various flavours of E-Liquid, you are all set to vape on the go and realize how this piece of tech called an E-Cig or a Vaporizing pen will not let you miss a puff when you are travelling.

Imagine you are with your family, and you suddenly feel like smoking, we all know how hard it is to resist that feeling! Let alone the harmful effects of passive smoking on the people around you, the immediate coughing and sneezing triggered by the smoke can make all hell break loose upon you.

By using an E-Cig you are not only allowing yourself a peaceful puff, you are also saving yourself and the ones around you from most of the carcinogenic effects of tar and chemicals precipitated from the cigarette smoke. The key elements in the E-liquid are Propylene glycol and Vegetable glycerine. These are used for the throat hit and the smoke. While few individuals may be allergic to these substances, they involve very little risk when compared to tobacco.

The American Heart Association has certified that Vaping is safer than Smoking. Nicotine separated from tobacco lacks agents like Monoamine oxidase inhibitors and nitric oxide; makes nicotine less addictive. All these facts assure that you are on the winning side with a vaporizing pen in your hand.

Let us concentrate on the travelling side a little more now. We will pick different modes of travelling and try to find out how an E-Cig can come handy:

# Travelling by car

Whether you are travelling in a car with your family or colleagues smoking minus odorous smoke should not bother anyone too much. Your E-Cig eliminates the harmful part of smoking to an enormous extent so that you can have a puff or two in the car. Make sure you pack your car charger and enough supplies of flavoured E-Liquids.

# On the rails

There is some bad news and some good news. Bad first: Most railway facilities have banned electronic cigarettes on board. Good one: You can still vape a little on the platforms before catching the train. Well, this is a way better scenario than that with traditional cigarettes. Look around for no vaping signs; if you do not find one, enjoy.

# In and around the flights

Vaping on board a plane is off limits. You can although enjoy a puff at some airports but the number is small and decreasing. Good news is most airlines let you fly with your vaping kit; you must check with the airline about their policies. Usually, you have to keep the kit in your travel on and cannot keep it in the baggage.

# Vaping abroad

Countries around the world are way more lenient about E-Cigarette consumption than traditional smoking. There are some countries though where vaping is a serious offense, like Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, The UAE, Singapore. Make sure you check out the legal status regarding E-Cig consumption in the country you are travelling to.

Things To Keep In Mind While Travelling With E-Cig Kit:

  1. Keep the E-Liquid in small containers with a maximum capacity of 3.4 ounces. Keep the containers in a separate packet inside the baggage you are carrying.
  2. Remove the battery from the device and do not keep the vaporizing pen filled with E-Liquid.
  3. Carry a spare battery and of course all the flavors of E-Liquid you prefer in substantial amounts.

The guidelines for flying with E-Liquid set by TSA should rid you of any confusion.

Be patient if you are asked to explain the use of the device because all parts of the world may not be as familiar with E-Cigs as your country.

An E-Cig definitely makes your travelling experience smooth and flawless; no more unquenched nicotine urge ruining your mood and an end to the complaints of coughing family members. May the flavors of E-Liquid hit your throat hard; as you hit the road.

Smoking in public vehicles and public places is banned in most parts of the globe. Travelling invariably means long periods of time between two cigarettes. An E-Cig can really emerge as a saviour for a travelling smoker.

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