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The Carmen apologeticum or De duobus populis 1059 rhythmic hexameters, partially transmitted in a codex written probably in the 8th c. at Nonantola, is not an apology but an exposition of the Christian mystery for didactic purposes. In the prologue which refers to the praefatio of the Instructiones, Commodian, after mentioning his conversion, sparked by reading Scripture, runs through the periods of the economy of salvation original sin, flood, election of Israel, coming of Christ, rejection of the Jews because of their rejection of the Messiah and, certain as he is of the robust happiness of the millennium, concludes with a lively description of eschatological times, which will be ushered in in the year 6,000 from the creation. Its sign will be the seventh persecution, initiated at Rome by Nero under pressure from the Jews. The empire will be destroyed and Rome burned, and the second antichrist, victorious, will turn to the East. Then the battle between the two peoples, the pure and the impure, ignites before Jerusalem. The scene of the end of the world after Satan’s final defeat is the fruit of a vigorous fantasy: an endless dark night, the powerful voice of God, the collapse of the earth and stars under a storm of fire that lasts seven months, the descent of Christ with his angels, and the resurrection of the dead from their tombs. The work, permeated by a fanatical faith and by an often extreme moralism, exhibits a theology clearly characterized by Monarchian-Sabellian doctrine.

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Foxen: Cuvee Jeanne Marie (Rhone-style blend); Tulsa Map Tourist Attractions foxen 7200: Volpino (Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend). WINEMAKER: Bill Wathen. ANNUAL PRODUCTION Tulsa Map Tourist Attractions : 13,000 cases. OF SPECIAL NOTE: Chardonnay Bien Nacido Steel Cut, Sauvignon Blanc, and Mission (dessert wine) sold in tasting rooms only. Reservations required for groups larger than 6. Picnic tables on-site.

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