Underground Coffeehouse US Map & Phone & Address

Underground Coffeehouse US Map & Phone & Address

Arlington Food Co-Op, 7A Medford St, Arlington; (617) 648-3663 Try to time your food shopping trip to this co-operative store (see the listing under Shopping Food Shops) to coincide with this monthly concert series. Performances take place on Saturday evenings, and all it costs to attend is $3.

Do dress nicely.

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To date, all that has been found underwater of those 14 vessels are a few anchors and bits of a steel mast. Megstone, Swedman and Oxscar and shape as the Goldstone five miles to the north, off Holy Island, is a craggy little car’ roughly half a mile east of Megstone. It dries to 1.7 metres on a low spring tide and appears as two tiny islets, but just beneath the surface it covers a considerably larger area. At low water, during slack and neap tides, with a little wind blowing, it is notoriously difficult to see and seems to appear from nowhere, but most of the time the rock is submerged by just a few metres. During the days of sail, it must have been a terrifying experience, driven on by a storm, suddenly to run aground this far from land. Tidal streams around Oxscar are very strong in both directions, but vicious during spring tides and there is an obvious boil’ on the water surface over the top of the rocks. A large colony of grey seals have adopted the Oxscar as a resting place at low water and stay around and close to the top of it when it is submerged; they serve as a warning that you could be in danger of running aground. Three known vessels have been wrecked on the Oxscar: the lugger Paciline Defecamp on 4 September 1850, Three of her crew were drowned. On 9 January 1851, the Berwick schooner Byron was wrecked.

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