Varanasi Steps or Ghats to the Ganges River Aarti ceremony to Nirvana beyond life India

Well, plug sockets and adapters is in India. This is what a plug socket looks like normally and don’t worry about adapters, just do what they do here, Indian style just pull off a plug adapter and shove the wires into.straight in.

Varanasi Steps or Ghats to the Ganges River Aarti ceremony to Nirvana beyond life India Photo Gallery

Perfect. What can I possibly go wrong with that? So, there’s your plug socket and there’s your Indian plug socket adapter. Take my picture.Good morning cow.

The Ganga, the river Ganges. The holiest river in India in the oldest city in India, of Varanasi. I took a tuktuk through the traffic and the horns down to the river.

Down to the ghats. The ghats are what you can see here, the steps. These steps, that’s the ghats and they’re all along the front, and it is meant to represent steps down from life into the afterlife or nirvana, because they believe that if you die here and Varanasi and you’re cremated and your bones, the ashes, are put into the river Ganges, or the Ganga they call it then you will go straight to Nirvana, so it makes a strange culture because the city here is full of old people, dying people, sick people, poor people, who want to die as close to the Ganges as possible so they can get their shot at Nirvana.

It’s in the evening when that this really comes to life but to give you an idea up to five hundred people a day are cremated along this section of the Ganga and their bones not all their buttons I learnt usually just the hipbone the ash of the hip bone is scattered in the Ganga and again in the in the Ganges and that then allows that person to go straight to Nirvana That’s the way to spend a hot, any day, afternoon. Head massage. Please, here, here, here, here.

Its uh pm on a Saturday and we are near the ghost town- semi ghost town of Crystal which is a beautiful place in general, but uh on our way here we just checked out some hot springs, I am not quite sure what the name was, it is next to a river It was nice, we just kind of chilled in there really hot actually, the water itself. it was cold on one side and hot on the other. My skin was red on one side and white on the other Then we just check out the Crystal Mill on this road which is a fun road to drive, kinda but there is tons of water falls all around us just woke up, it is am, and it is beautiful Stopping by the river and get some breakfast some warm meat and cheese So we are on our way back to the of Marble it is a beautiful drive So, on a short little hike and it just kinda goes up I think, it goes to, a nice viewpoint oh, I’m right so, Claudia what did you use for the bugs there, what is that? C: It’s a mask with hair A hair mask for the mosquitoes out here. very nice check out this lake yeah.

Look at that Hey Guys I know this was a short post but we had some camera problems our next post will be up in weeks It will be uploaded in k ultra HD, so be sure to comment especially since we have many more on the way.

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