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For local discos packed with semi-pros and locals, head to the Las Meredes area. Studio 54 is always hopping, you can try Alcatraz, also La Gartos, and for the hot young college girls, go to Club U. In Caracas, most of the clubs are located in somewhat seedy areas, make sure you watch your back and take cabs.

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For local non-pro girls, or just full-blown eye candy, you have to visit Centro Sambil, also called the Mall de Caracas. This place is massive, it’s the largest commercial and recreational center in South America. Chicas, chicas, and more chicas.

For beaches and sport fishing, there are two locations you should travel to. From Caracas, hop a quick flight to Barcelona on Aeropostal Air. It runs $ 125 roundtrip, then take a 15-minute cab to Puerto la Cruz. This is a beautiful Caribbean beach town, nestled amongst some 30 different islands. Mild temperatures, crystal clear water, beaches packed with gorgeous Venezuelan women. It’s also a great spot for sport fishing. Stay at the popular Hotel Rasil, which has a hopping disco on the ground floor and is full of chicas, and there’s no guest charge for your chicas. It’s located one a road full of clubs to sample from.

Isla of Margarita

The other favorite stop is a two-hour ferry ride to the Isle of Margarita. Granted this is more of a tourist spot with tourist pricing, but it is one of the prettier places on earth, and the same can be said for the women on the island. For the women, head out to Playa El Agua to a place called Woody’s, on Avenida 4 de Mayo. This is the strip club row, others to see here are Goldflngers (owned by a Canadian) also go to Fat Boys if it is still in business under that name. You can find it on the right hand side across the street from Goldfingers. There’s a fair amount of expat Americans living down here doing offshore gambling businesses.

For local discos, the mainstay is Senor Frogs, which is the same setup as the one in Cancun. No cover, merengue all night, and a drunk fest until 6am. Plenty of pros stick out like a sore thumb.

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