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Hey my name is Mihaly Mufti hiya come from Vienna Austria and I’m a program director with cran circle Cruise Lines working on the grand European cruise. I was originally born in Romania and I grew up in Transylvania but a few years ago.

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I moved to Vienna therefore. I am familiar both with Eastern European part of this trip, and also with a Western European part of this trip some of whom. I most important personal interests are history, and especially religious history on Grand European cruise we are going through both Eastern Europe which is mainly Orthodox, and Western Europe which is either Protestant or Catholic.

So showing the differences, and similarities in these cultures is a very important thing for me. I am an adoptive son of Vienna the capital of Austria also known as the musical capital of the world. So one of my favorite activities in Vienna is to go to a concert go, and listen to the two wonder kids of the Viennese music to Johann Strauss, and volcán Amadeus Mozart having a concert with the best of those two composers is something that you literally have to do in Vienna afterwards.

I want to take you on a tour of the Ring Boulevard seeing the Ring Boulevard in Vienna at night is one of the most wonderful experiences in the world. So sharing this place with you will see why. I actually think of it as the most wonderful city in Europe there’s always something happening there’s always something that we can experience for example we had last year one very particular moment when we arrived in the city of bamberg in Germany right when they had the most important religious festival the Sun kalfa, and we decided to stop the ship there for the whole afternoon although it wasn’t in our schedule.

So we could go out, and experience this festival together with Ilocos we sat down at pubs, and had beers with them we took pictures we participated in the processions in the town, and it was all absolutely blast for everybody. I’m looking forward to welcoming you on the grand European cruise to share with you my part of the world both Eastern Europe, and Western Europe you.

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