Instead of visiting Tortola (p. 68 ), some small cruise ships put in at its lovely B.VI. neighbor Virgin Gorda; megaships that stop at Tortola also usually offer an excursion option to Virgin Gorda. The third-largest island in the colony, it got its name (Fat Virgin) from Christopher Columbus, who thought the mountain framing it looked like a protruding stomach. Most vessels anchor in Gorda Sound and tender passengers to a pier at the village of Spanish Town, which can accommodate smaller ships.

Iconic sight At the island’s southwest tip, The Baths are truly a spectacular natural attraction toppled house-sized boulders that form saltwater grottoes, excellent for swimming and snorkeling.

Under the sea Just north of the Baths, Spring Bay offers white sand, clear water, and good snorkeling. Nearby is the Crawl, a natural pool formed by rocks, great for novice snorkelers; a marked path leads here from Spring Bay.

Off the beaten path Devil’s Bay National Park can be reached by a trail from the Baths, a 15-minute walk through boulders and dry coastal vegetation to a secluded coral-sand beach.


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