Once a British crown colony, the now-independent nation of Grenada produces more spices than any other country in the world, including clove, cinnamon, mace, cocoa, tonka beans, ginger, and a fifth of the world’s nutmeg thus its nickname, the Spice Island.

St. George’s, the country’s capital, is one of the most colorful ports in the West Indies, nearly landlocked in the deep crater of a long-dead volcano, full of charming Georgian colonial buildings, and flanked by old forts. Cruise ships dock at the Melville Street Cruise Terminal, or anchor in the picturesque St. George’s harbor and send passengers on a short tender ride to the pier.

Iconic sight At the heart of Grand Etang National Park with its many hiking trails through rainforest and nutmeg groves pristine Grand Etang Lak e is set in an extinct volcanic crater some 530m (1,740 ft.) above sea level. out and about Grenada’s lush interior has a number of scenic waterfalls, including Seven Sisters Waterfalls in the Grand Etang rainforest and Annandale Falls in the mountains northeast of St. George’s. top beach South of St. George’s, Grand Anse Beach, with its 3km (2 miles) of wide sugar-white sands, is one of the best in the Caribbean, boasting calm waters and great views.


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